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  1. Awotona Delivers Keynote Paper at a Global Social Sciences Conference in Britain
    Professor Adenrele Awotona speaks on global disasters and conference on social sciences and interdisciplinary studies.
  2. UMass Boston Professor Publishes Book on Global Disaster Resilience
    The book focuses on a bottom-up approach to disaster risk reduction and the building of community resilience
  3. UMass Boston’s Engagement with Global Disasters 2008-2016
    CRSCAD partners with global organizations to explore and provide original perspectives on local and global disasters.
  4. UMass Boston Lecturer Nominated Twice for the Nobel Peace Prize
    Evelin Lindner was nominated in 2015 and 2016 for her compassionate service and action to bring peace and dignity to all.
  5. UMass Boston Professor Contributes to Landmark Publication on Architecture
    Adenrele Awotona pens a chapter on design for disaster preparation and mitigation.
  6. UMass Boston to Host July Conference on Rebuilding Afghanistan
    CRSCAD to host international conference “Rebuilding Sustainable Communities in Afghanistan: The Way Forward" on July 27.
  7. Courses in Global Post-Disaster Studies Serve Wide Range of Students
    Students in the new master’s degree program in urban planning and community development can enroll in three of CRSCAD’s courses.
  8. Cambridge Scholars Publishing Showcases CRSCAD Series as Feature Books
    Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters book series selected for inaugural feature in publisher's advertising campaign.
  9. UMass Boston’s Conference on Disaster Management Highlights Haiti
    A panelist at the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters conference says in Haiti, “risk is hyper-localized and deeply personal.”
  10. UMass Boston Hosts International Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Response
    Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters event features keynote speakers and panelists from across the globe.
  11. UMass Boston Professor Delivers Featured Speech at DC Homeland Security 2013 Conference
    CRSCAD's Adenrele Awotona shares his expertise on disaster preparedness and response at an international conference.
  12. Welcome Back Community Breakfast
    What's Brewing at McCormack? Join us for breakfast and find out!
  13. Post-Earthquake New Zealand, From “New Normal” to Sustainable Future
    Emergency manager and business continuity planner Esther Newman shares stories of New Zealand's post-earthquake recovery and restoration at UMass Boston.
  14. McCormack Grad School Director Briefs Russian Delegation on Emergency Management
    At Boston FEMA event, Professor Awotona shares expertise on post-disaster reconstruction with Russian ministers.
  15. Awotona Speaks at the National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment
    CRSCAD Director Adenrele Awotona lectures on disaster planning for urban slums at recent DC conference.
  16. Awotona’s Book on Post-Disaster Reconstruction Chosen as Critics’ Choice Book of the Month
    CRSCAD director's edited collection receives accolades
  17. MGS Poverty Policy Experts to Speak at Carter Center on Post-Katrina Disaster Relief Issues
    Friedman and Tripp will deliver keynote address on constituent involvement at "Not Meant to Live Like This" conference
  18. UMass Boston Hosts International Conference on Rebuilding China, Japan after Disasters
    Learn best practices in reducing the socio-economic impact of disasters on vulnerable communities in China
  19. Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Sustainable Reconstruction International Conference
    May 2014 international workshop explores the role of architectural, planning, and engineering education
  20. Book on Post-Disaster Recovery Published
    Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with Vulnerable Populations after the Cameras Have Gone, a product of the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD) at University of Massachusetts Boston, was published Wednesday in the United Kingdom.
  21. Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters in China: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Examine proven strategies to reduce the socio-economic impact of various forms of disasters on vulnerable communities in China.
  22. International Workshop Examines Post-Disaster Rebuilding in Japan and Global Social Vulnerabilities
    The Japan earthquake took center stage at an international workshop hosted by the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities After Disasters last month.
  23. Policy Leaders Worldwide Converge to Resolve Post-disaster Issues of Social Vulnerability
    The Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters is sponsoring an international conference November 17-18, 2011.
  24. International Conference at UMass Boston Spotlights New Paradigm in Preparedness
    UMass Boston sponsored an international conference on Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with the Elderly and Disabled People after Disasters in July.