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  1. UMass Boston’s Crystal Schaaf to Continue Serving as Landsat Science Team Member
    Crystal Schaaf, a professor of remote sensing in UMass Boston’s School for the Environment, will once again serve a 5-year term as a Landsat Science Team Member, providing technical and scientific input to NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey.
  2. Professor Crystal Schaaf Monitors Forest Health, Climate Change Impact at Harvard Forest
    Professor of Remote Sensing Crystal Schaaf and her students in UMass Boston’s School for the Environment have teamed with Harvard Forest, Boston University, and researchers from around the world to develop new ways of measuring the biomass of trees.
  3. Professor Schaaf Leads Royal Society Workshop on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology
    Professor of Remote Sensing Crystal Schaaf is in the United Kingdom this week, for a workshop she co-convened for the Royal Society. The workshop was on Schaaf’s area of expertise – terrestrial laser scanning technology that sends out pulses of light and creates a 360-degree, 3D picture.
  4. UMass Boston Graduate Students Produce 3D Models of Protected Costa Rican Areas
    UMass Boston's data collection will aid efforts to quantify and model the carbon storage capacity of the tropics.
  5. UMass Boston PhD Student Awarded NASA Graduate Fellowship
    A 2012 UMass Boston alumnus and current doctoral student has earned a prestigious fellowship through NASA's Minority University Research and Education Project.
  6. Australian TV Documents Work of UMass Boston Professor, Students
    Professor of Remote Sensing Crystal Schaaf and her team completed two projects this summer, testing tools that create 3-D pictures of forested sites.
  7. UMass Boston Grad Students, “Candi” Monitor Ecosystems in California, Australia
    A UMass Boston team used custom-built devices to measure the effects of radiation, erosion, and carbon in California as part of a research project for the National Science Foundation.
  8. UMass Boston Professors, Students Watch Launch of Satellite That Will Gather Data for $970K Grant
    A group of graduate students from UMass Boston and professors Crystal Schaaf and ZhongPing Lee were in California to watch the launch of a satellite that is churning out data for UMass Boston researchers to use in a project funded by the U.S. Geological Survey.
  9. UMass Boston Professor Selected for New Landsat Satellite Science Team
    Crystal Schaaf joins elite group of scientists.
  10. EEOS Professor Contributes to NASA Weather Satellite Launch with Earth Observing Instrument Aboard
    Professor Crystal Schaaf is a member of the scientific team evaluating the imagery products from NASA's weather satellite for quality.
  11. NASA Weather Satellite Set to Launch Friday With EEOS Prof. Schaaf’s Research Instrument Aboard
    Crystal Schaaf is on her way to Vandenberg AFB to watch the launch of the next-generation NPP weather satellite, which is carrying an instrument she will be using for research.
  12. EEOS Professor Crystal Schaaf Part of NASA Climate-Change Research Mission
    NASA's Cloud Airborne Radiometer recently flew over Bartlett Forest, NH, to acquire data in support of Crystal Schaaf's work.