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  1. Grant from UMass President’s Office to Fund Paper-Based Tests for Emerging Diseases
    Thanks to a $25,000 grant from UMass President Marty Meehan’s office and the Technology Development Fund, Associate Professor of Engineering Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli will be working on paper-based tests to diagnose emerging diseases.
  2. Fourth Annual CSM Student Success Showcase
    CSM student presentations will include undergraduate and doctoral student research and scholarly posters as part of Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle Fellowships and the Freshman Success Community Program.
  3. “Mother of Hubble” Speaks About Women in Science, Life in Space
    Nancy Grace Roman, the astronomer known as the “Mother of Hubble” and the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA, visited campus to talk about everything from large moons and dwarf planets to Legos and advocating for women in science.
  4. Faculty Research Celebration Highlights Mentorship On Campus
    On May 2, Chancellor J. Keith Motley and the Friends of the Library hosted the annual Faculty Research Celebration in the Integrated Sciences Complex.
  5. UMass Boston Postdoctoral Researcher Works to Save Salamanders from Deadly Fungus
    Molly Bletz received a 2017 David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship from the Society for Conservation Biology and the Cedar Tree Foundation.
  6. UMass Boston Scientist Finds Link Between West Nile Virus and Mosquito Microbiomes
    UMass Boston research reveals that mosquitos that lack beneficial bacteria are more likely to carry the West Nile virus.
  7. UMass Boston Researcher Uses Fly Eyes to Understand Colorblindness and Cancer
    Rister, an assistant professor of biology at UMass Boston, researches how color vision develops, using the fly eye as a model.
  8. Nanoparticle Researcher Earns Foresight Fellowship
    Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli’s nanoparticle research will create new methods of testing for disease and delivering cancer therapies.
  9. Scientist Studies How Electric Fish Evolved – and How They Buzz to Find a Mate
    Scientists don't yet know how, or why, each species of electric fish uses a different electrical frequency.
  10. TUSM-UMass Boston Winter Enrichment Program Reception
    Join us in celebrating another successful year of the TUSM-UMass Boston Winter Enrichment Program!
  11. UMass Medical School BaccMD Spring Symposium
    Learn more about the BaccMD program
  12. Pre-Med and Allied Health Workshop: What do Medical and Dental School Applications Look Like?
    Learn about the application and the process of applying
  13. Pre-Med and Allied Health Workshop: So You Are Considering a Gap Year. Make the Most of It!
    How to maximize opportunities if you are taking a year off before med school
  14. Pre-Med and Allied Health Workshop: What do Schools Really Want?
    Admissions representatives will talk about ways to strengthen your application
  15. Pre-Med and Allied Health Workshop: So You Are Considering a Gap Year. Make the Most of It!
    How to maximize opportunities if you are taking a year off before med school
  16. Pre-Med and Allied Health Workshop: Requesting Letters of Recommendation
    Who to ask, how to ask, and why they're important
  17. NSF Grant to Fund UMass Boston Chemistry Education Research
    Hannah Sevian has received a $2.5 million grant to help teachers foster a new kind of teaching and learning around chemistry.
  18. Third Annual CSM Student Success Showcase - Sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle
    CSM student presentations will include undergraduate and doctoral student research and scholarly posters as part of Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle Fellowships and the Freshman Success Community Program.
  19. UMass Boston Scientist Studies “Rockstars of Ocean Resilience”
    A new paper reveals changes to kelp forests around the world.
  20. Computer Science Students to Represent UMass Boston in Supercomputing Competition
    Two UMass Boston undergraduate computer science students are part of a team that’s going to Salt Lake City this weekend to compete in the prestigious Student Cluster Competition.
  21. QBism: Driving Out the Spooks that Bedevil Quantum Physics
    Join Dr. Hans Christian von Baeyer, Chancellor Professor Emeritus of Physics at the College of William and Mary. Hosted by Physics Department, College of Science and Mathematics & Honors College
  22. Green Chemistry Stars Return to UMass Boston Roots
    UMass Boston and Yale University co-hosted a green chemistry workshop at UMass Boston.
  23. Tufts University School of Medicine - UMass Boston Winter Enrichment Program Info Session
    Learn more about the Winter Enrichment Program. Open to CSM sophomores and juniors interested in biomedical research and clinical experience.
  24. UMass Boston Professor Studies Cell Signaling, with Implications for Cancer & Down Syndrome
    Associate Professor of biology Alexey Veraksa received a $1.6 Million grant from NIH
  25. Professor Matthew Bell Receives NSF Grant
    Matthew Bell will further his research into quantum limited amplifiers.
  26. Second Annual CSM Student Success Showcase - Sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle
    Join us as students in the College of Science and Mathematics present their research and scholarly posters. Sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle.
  27. New Mathematical Models Show that Networks Promote Cooperation
    Research has implications for how cells, humans cooperate in groups
  28. New Research from UMass Boston Scientist Could Save Amphibian Lives
    Doug Woodhams investigates new methods to fight chytrid fungus.
  29. Engineering Professor Earns DARPA Award to Investigate Low-Profile Antennas
    Profesor KC Kerby-Patel was awarded the 2015 Young Faculty Award (YFA) from DARPA.
  30. UMass Boston Research Professor Honored by National Academy of Inventors
    Richard Soref is a pioneer in photonics technology.
  31. Biology 365 Microbial Genomics Laboratory Conducts Research on Enterococcus
    15 senior biology students have been spending their Wednesday afternoons at the new Sandbox Laboratory working with bacteria.
  32. Ninth Annual Research Celebration Highlights Faculty Achievements
    On December 1, UMass Boston cheered on its star researchers at Annual Research Celebration.
  33. A Look Inside the Sandbox Lab at the Integrated Sciences Complex
    The lab offers a unique space for students and faculty to collaborate on research projects.
  34. UMass Boston Professor Honored with Fluorous Technology Award
    Wei Zhang is only the ninth scientist to receive this award.
  35. UMass Boston Scientist Studies Bacteria that Rehabilitate the Cape Cod Coast
    UMass Boston scientist imagines a future in which we will be able to prescribe “a probiotic for the environment” to help restore coastal waters.
  36. School for the Environment Professor Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Scientific Journal
    Professor Crystal Schaaf of the School for the Environment has been appointed editor in chief of Remote Sensing of Environment.
  37. Adolfo del Campo Publishes New Paper in Nature Communications
    Research takes new approach to studying "holographic" superconductors
  38. New Class Dives Deep for Scientific Research
    Summer course offers students the opportunity to learn to scuba dive for research
  39. CSM Celebrates Student Success and Corporate Partnerships in STEM with Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle
    The showcase featured 64 poster presentations by over 150 CSM students.
  40. CSM Student Success Showcase
    Dean Andrew Grosovsky invites you to the CSM Student Success Showcase, sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme and Oracle.
  41. UMass Boston Students Excel in International Mathematics Competition
    The team earned its highest ranking since 2011
  42. UMass Boston to Cut Ribbon on New ISC
    Research Facility Features Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy and Baby Lab
  43. Scientists Move to Integrated Sciences Complex, Research Begins
    New facilities in the Integrated Sciences Complex come to life as professors move into their labs
  44. Sanofi Genzyme Fellows Prepare for Research and Future Careers
    A total of 20 graduate and undergraduate Sanofi Genzyme Research Fellows are working on advanced research in life sciences in CSM.
  45. Women in Science Club Brings UMass Boston Students to IBM
    On Friday, approximately 100 UMass Boston students visited IBM’s Cambridge offices to hear about careers in research, technology and business.
  46. UTeach Program Expands to UMass Boston
    The grant will help prepare teachers in STEM fields.
  47. UMass Boston Student Honored with Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Award
    Jacqueline Perry is among honorees recognized for undergraduate research.
  48. UMass Boston Scientist Uses Coral to Reveal Connection Between Climate Trends and El Niño
    Coral in Pacific Ocean Reveal Increased Potential for El Niño
  49. $8.3 Million Awarded to UMass Boston and University of Wisconsin for Urology Research
    Jill Macoska and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin Madison will investigate causes of urological disease.
  50. Queasy Over Oysters? UMass Boston Scientists Investigate Why Some Are Prone to Bad Bacteria
    UMass Boston professors and grad students look for new ways to track bacteria outbreaks in oysters.
  51. UMass Boston Collaborates with International Space Station Research Project
    School for the Environment Professor Crystal Schaaf is a collaborator on the GEDI Lidar project.
  52. You Can Help Scientists Track Giant Kelp From Space!
    UMass Boston scientist leads citizen science research project to investigate the “redwoods of the ocean”
  53. Dissertation Defense: John P. Collins, PhD Candidate, Physical/Analytical Track, Chemistry
    Tuning Carbon Microstructure for Advancing Electrochemical Energy Storage
  54. New Report Highlights Urgent Need for Ocean Science Literacy
    A Diverse Consortium of Scientists, Educators and Museum Experts Developed Report Published by UMass Boston
  55. UMass Boston and Wipro Team Up to Empower Science Teachers
    20 teachers from five school districts joined the professional development program this spring.
  56. UMass Boston Students Excel in Cybersecurity Competitions
    Students majoring in information technology and computer science compete in team and individual competitions.
  57. Undergraduates Collaborate with Peers in Scotland
    Poster session celebrates exchange program with Glasgow Caledonian University.
  58. Oral Qualifying Exam: Katherine Flanders, PhD Candidate, Green Chemistry Track, Chemistry Department
    Biogeochemical insight into the cause(s) of the end Permian extinction: A proposed biomarker reconstruction of the Neo-Tethys ocean
  59. Thesis Defense: Sanjukta Ghosh, Master’s Student, Chemistry Department
    Investigation of Amyloidogenic Systems by the Application of Small Molecular Probes
  60. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Jun R. Huh, University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Tuning inflammation via modulation of nuclear hormone receptor activity
  61. Chemistry Professor Wins Prestigious Fellowship
    Marietta Schwartz, associate dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, will join the Executive Leadership In Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) program this fall. The part-time fellowship allows female senior faculty members in STEM to learn skills they need to advance their careers.
  62. Annual Chemistry Undergraduate Research Showcase and Departmental Awards Ceremony
    Chemistry Department
  63. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Jean-Francis Bloch, Grenoble Institute of Technology
    Paper as multiscale biobased material: From microstucture design to architectured materials
  64. Glasgow Exchange Students Bring New Perspectives to UMass Boston
    Exchange includes 80 students in Boston and Glasgow, Scotland.
  65. Ocean Science: The Final, Final Frontier
    In a new report, Professor Bob Chen and his colleagues present some unorthodox suggestions for how scientists and educators could increase the public’s understanding of the ocean’s impact on everyday life.
  66. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. David Grills, Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Transient Spectroscopic Investigations of Intermediates Involved in Photocatalytic and Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
  67. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Ilka Parchmannn, Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
    Identifying and understanding structure-property-relations: Theoretical considerations and empirical studies
  68. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. Michal Zion, The School of Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel
    The Effect of Individual and Social Environmental Metacognitive Instruction on Students’ Expressions of Environmental Literacy
  69. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. Rafael E. Luna, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
    The Art of Scientific Storytelling: Write Your Research Manuscript Using a Step-By-Step Formula
  70. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Andrew Truman, Postdoctoral Scholar, Kron Lab, University of Chicago
    Dealing with Difficult Clients: Modulating Hsp70 Function As a Novel Anti-Cancer Strategy
  71. Faculty Candidate Seminar: John Hardin, Investigator, Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK
    Faculty Candidate Seminar
  72. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Richard Baran, Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Faculty Candidate Seminar
  73. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Monika Raj, Postdoctoral Fellow, Arora Laboratory, New York University
    Aldehyde Capture Ligation: A Chemoselective Approach to Peptides and Bioconjugates
  74. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Daniel Dowling, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Drennan Lab, HHMI/MIT
    Queued Up for Catalysis: Structural Studies of SAM Radical Enzyme QueE Involved in Deazapurine Biosynthesis
  75. Love Potion #9: The Chemistry of Scent & Fragrance
    Lure a loved one with chemistry this February
  76. Dissertation Defense: Asharani Kadam, PhD Candidate, Green Chemistry Track, Chemistry Department
    Green Techniques to Improve Grignard Reactions and Synthesize Heterocyclic Molecules
  77. UMass Boston Math Professor Named “Emerging Scholar” in Diverse Magazine
    Eduardo González is one of 12 scholars featured in the magazine.
  78. New Faculty Book Helps Physics Students Make Quantum Leaps
    Professor of physics Maxim Olshanii's new book teaches qualitative methods.
  79. Thesis Defense: Quan Li, Chemistry Department
    A hybrid supercapacitor based on chemically modified manganese dioxide and active carbon in alkaline electrolyte
  80. UMass Boston Minute: Chemistry at UMass Boston
    Students win award for green chemistry activities.
  81. Developing a National Ocean Policy: Lessons in the Art of Government
    Former director of the National Ocean Council tries to reconcile conflicting perspectives among Congress, marine interests, states, and others.
  82. UMass Boston’s Center for Green Chemistry Leads Charge for Environmental Awareness in Science
    Director Wei Zhang will travel to India to meet with his colleagues in green chemistry.
  83. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Gonghu Li, University of New Hampshire
    Combining Molecular Catalysts and Nanostructured Surfaces for Solar CO2 Reduction
  84. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Chulsung Bae, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Superacidic Sulfonated Aromatic Polymers for High Performance Fuel Cell Membranes
  85. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Qianli Chu, University of North Dakota
    Synthesis of Ladder and Two-dimensional Polymers via a Bioinspired Approach
  86. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Samuel Thomas, Tufts University
    Controlling Polymeric Thin Films with Light
  87. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Mary Jane Shultz, Tufts University
    Molecular Dance: Water's collective modes (Or drum vibrations and duets)
  88. MBTA Ostriches Question Climate Change, Spark Debate
    UMass Boston, UMass Lowell, Hofstra University, and the Museum of Science, Boston have teamed up to get T riders talking about climate change.
  89. UMass Boston Minute: Rachel Greene Visits Antarctica
    Oceanography students visited Antarctica to study krill.
  90. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Emeritus Jerry A. Bell, Simmons College, ACS Education Division, WISL
    A Conversation on Climate Science
  91. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Lijun Sun, Center for Drug Discovery and Translational Research, BIDMC
    Imagination is the limit: A chemist’s journey in drug development
  92. Oral Qualifying Exam: Asharani Kadam, Chemistry Department
    Synthesis of Novel Small Molecules as Potential Inhibitors for Cancer Targets
  93. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Xiao Wang, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, HMS and BWH
    Advances in the Enantioselective Hydroformylation of 1,1-Disubstituted Alkenes
  94. UMass Boston Scientist Helps Uncover Pesticide Resistance in Tiny Crustaceans
    Helen Poynton is the co-author of a new article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  95. Sanofi Gives UMass Boston $1 Million in Support of Student Success Program for STEM Education
    The gift from Sanofi and Genzyme marks the third significant philanthropic gift this year supporting CSM student success programs.
  96. $3 Million IGERT Grant Will Fund Coasts and Communities Fellowships
    A $3.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation will fund fellowships in global environmental research.
  97. Physics Professor and VDC Company Receive Small Business Innovation Research Grant from NASA
    Chandra Yelleswarapu, professor of physics at UMass Boston, will be working with East West Enterprises to develop a specialized microscope that could be used on the International Space Station.
  98. UMass Boston Professors, Students Watch Launch of Satellite That Will Gather Data for $970K Grant
    A group of graduate students from UMass Boston and professors Crystal Schaaf and ZhongPing Lee were in California to watch the launch of a satellite that is churning out data for UMass Boston researchers to use in a project funded by the U.S. Geological Survey.
  99. UMass Boston/Tufts Panel on Biomedical Research Careers and Opportunities
    What will YOU do with your degree? Why not advance in biomedical research?
  100. Dialogue-driven Conference Tackles Ocean and Climate Change
    UMass Boston hosts the first Global Conference on Oceans, Climate and Security (GC ’12)