Tag: Darren Kew

  1. Peacebuilding and Interfaith Dialogue Workshop -Two Day Event
    Training offered by Darren Kew and the Center for Peace Democracy and Development exploring methods through which religious conflicts can be mediated and resolved.
  2. Local West Africans to Present UMass Boston’s Darren Kew with Lifetime Achievement Award
    The Yoruba Elders International Society, a charitable organization made up of West Africans now living in Rhode Island, will present UMass Boston Professor Darren Kew with a lifetime achievement award on Saturday in Providence.
  3. Nigerian Presidential Election Observer Darren Kew Comments on Historic Outcome
    Darren Kew, executive director of UMass Boston’s Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, was in Nigeria serving as an observer for the Nigerian presidential election.
  4. UMass Boston’s Darren Kew in Nigeria as Presidential Election Observer
    Darren Kew, executive director of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, is in Nigeria this week to monitor the March 28 presidential election.
  5. UMass Boston Professor Joins International Election Observation Delegation to Nigeria
    Darren Kew will observe the presidential elections to enhance voter confidence and to show solidarity with the people of Nigeria.
  6. McCormack PhD Student Works toward Peace in Nigeria
    Student studying global governance and human security works to diffuse conflicts among Christians and Muslims.
  7. UMass Boston’s Nigeria Expert Weighs in on Boko Haram Kidnappings
    Darren Kew, executive director of UMass Boston's Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, is emerging as a leading national expert on the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria.
  8. TEDx Conference Features McCormack Professor on Managing Religious Conflicts
    Professor Darren Kew spoke on bridging global religious divides; Jacob Kariuki, a PhD student in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, talked about making universities more prestigious.
  9. TEDx: Lighting the Way for the Future
    Join us for UMass Boston's multidisciplinary thought leadership event to provoke conversations that matter.
  10. Kew Delivers Keynote at 50th Anniversary Celebration of Chinua Achebe’s Novel, Arrow of God
    Darren Kew, a professor of conflict resolution, will speak in Nigeria on building democracy.
  11. UMass Boston Faculty, Students, and Alumni Form Veterans’ Court Consortium
    McCormack team joins local advocates to seek state funds to study alternative justice program for veterans.
  12. MGS Nigerian Expert Shares Insights with California High School Students Via Skype
    Associate Professor Darren Kew shares expertise on conflict resolution and promoting democracy in Africa.
  13. Kew Testifies at D.C. Hearing: ‘U.S. Policy Toward Nigeria: West Africa’s Troubled Titan’
    Darren Kew’s testimony titled “The Crisis in Christian-­Muslim Relations in Nigeria “ was delivered on July 10 before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights in Washington, D.C.