Tag: Dissertation Defense

  1. Dissertation Defense by Jeremiah O. Asaka PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Jeremiah O. Asaka PhD defends his dissertation titled "Transformations in conservation governance and implications for human security: the case of Kenya’s northern rangelands"
  2. Dissertation Defense: Ampicha Nawai
    Ampicha Nawai is defending her dissertation titled “Is Pain Catastrophizing Associated with Poor Physical Performance and Falls in Older Adults with Chronic Pain? The MOBILIZE Boston Study II.”
  3. Dissertation Defense by Jay (Jinseop) Jang PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Jay defends his dissertation titled Human-Centric National Security in Strong States: South Korea's Security Relations with North Korea
  4. Dissertation Defense by Jinyoung Kang PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Jinyoung Kang defends her dissertation Titled "The Emergence of Private Governance in a Nonwestern Context: The case of South Korea" on Thursday August 10
  5. Dissertation Defense by Natalia Escobar- Pemberthy PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy defends her dissertation on Friday May 19th
  6. Dissertation Defense: Lena Campagna
    Lena Campagna, who will be defending her dissertation titled "The Role of the Media in Framing the American-Indian Victim," is the first PhD candidate to defend in the Department of Sociology.
  7. Dissertation Defense: Julie Lynch
    PhD Candidate will defend her dissertation.