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Tag: Diversity Month 2017

  1. Movie Screening: Renewal
    Renewal is the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today's religious-environmental activists. Part of Diversity Month.
  2. Emerging Response: An introduction to Transgender Identities
    This participatory workshop will address terms and definitions relevant to the transgender and gender nonconforming community and ways to be an ally. Part of Diversity Month.
  3. World Mental Health Day: Cultural Influences on Understanding and Addressing Mental Health Concerns
    Through a series of small and large group discussions, this session will explore ways our unique cultural lenses influence our beliefs and understanding of mental health.
  4. FMLA to Employment Transition with Accommodations for Employees
    The workshop will explain the difference between FMLA and ADAAA and returning from FMLA with restrictions.
  5. FMLA to Employment Understanding the Transition with Accommodations for Supervisors
    This workshop will provide an overview of the areas within the university to remain compliant under FMLA and ADAAA as a supervisor.
  6. Signing Together Workshop I & II
    The goal of this two series workshop is to assist in creating an environment for both deaf and hearing individuals that encourages communications.
  7. Faculty/Staff of Color Welcome Reception
    Senior faculty and staff of color and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion are hosting a networking event to connect with junior faculty and staff of color. Part of Diversity Month.
  8. Welcome Reception for Faculty of Color
    Networking event to connect with junior faculty of color.