Tag: Economics

  1. Professor Nelson Wins Award for Essay on Place of Care in the Economy
    The Independent Social Research Foundation gave Professor Julie Nelson an award for her essay “Husbandry: A (Feminist) Reclamation of Masculine Responsibility for Care."
  2. Konstantinidis on Greek Crisis
    Professor Harry Konstantinidis was recently interviewed on the evolving economic crisis in Greece.
  3. Faculty News: Economics Department
    News from Economics faculty
  4. A Prince Among Us
    Econ student is crowned
  5. Guest Speakers Enliven the Classroom
    Speakers in economics
  6. Outstanding Students Win Awards at Graduation
    Economics department gives student awards
  7. Economics Interns Get Workplace Experience
    2015 economics internships
  8. MA Students Bring Questions to Mayor Walsh’s Forum on Inequality
    Econ MA students raise inequality questions
  9. Zimbalist Talks on the Boston Olympic Bid
    Exploring the Economic Implications of a Boston Olympics
  10. Keren Horn contributes to study of where U.S. low-income housing tax credits are used
    Where are low-income housing tax credits used?
  11. Economics Professor Chaired Session in Paris
    Arjun Jayadev was recently at the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference
  12. When is Gender Measurable?
    Professor Julie Nelson gave a keynote address at a workshop at Aarhus University in Denmark on March 16 and 17.
  13. Valuing Women’s Paid Care Work: From Research to Public Policy in Massachusetts
    The Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy is pleased to host its 33rd Women’s Research Forum.
  14. Arjun Jayadev on drug patent policy and goals of Obamacare
    Arjun Jayadev on drug patent policy and goals of Obamacare
  15. Current Economics MA Student Ethan Schein Gets Paper Published
    in Summer 2014 edition of The Massachusetts Undergraduate Journal of Economics
  16. Julie Nelson delivering keynote at the 2014 Rethinking Economics NYC Conference
    Professor Nelson participates in student-run conference aiming to challenge predominant economic thinking
  17. Outstanding Students Win Awards at Graduation
    The Economics Department once again honored outstanding BA students at graduation.
  18. Professor Lynde Receives Award…Just in Time!
    Professor Catherine Lynde was honored at commencement in May 2014 with the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service.
  19. UMass Boston MA Program in Applied Economics Graduates Its First Class
    Eight students completed the 32-credit program and successfully completed and presented their major research project.
  20. Economics Department Seminar: Arindrajit Dube,“Minimum Wages and the Distribution of Family Incomes”
    Professor Dube will present his research titled "Minimum Wages and the Distribution of Family Incomes"
  21. Economics Department Seminar: Terry-Ann Craigie, “Gender Pay Gap and Fertility Timing”
    Professor Craigie will present her recent research titled "Gender Pay Gap and Fertility Timing."
  22. More American Breadwinners are Low-wage Workers
    Randy Albelda and Michael Can pen new study on low-wage and low-income workers.
  23. The Impact of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Migration
    Prof. Ross presents her research on "The Impact of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Migration"
  24. Profiting Without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All
    Prof. Lapavitsas will speak about his recently published book, Profiting Without Producing
  25. Julie Nelson Discusses How Economists Damage our Moral Imagination
    Contemporary mainstream economics has widely “poisoned the well” from which people get their ideas about the relationship between economics and ethics.
  26. Arjun Jayadev Highlights the Link between Inequality and Guard Labor
    Looking across advanced industrialized countries, Arjun Jayadev and Samuel Bowles find that more inequality is associated with more guard labor.
  27. CNN Money & CBS News Covers the Research of Professors Randy Albelda and Michael Carr
    A staggering number of American households are relying on low-wage jobs as their leading or sole source of income.
  28. Julie Nelson Discusses the Untapped Potential to Transform the Economy
    Transformation doesn’t require an alternative “social economy,” because the economy we have is already social. We just need to recognize and act on that fact.
  29. Federal Reserve Bank CEO Speaks on National Economic Outlook
    In a speech at UMass Boston, Boston Federal Reserve Bank President Eric Rosengren said that while there have been some areas of improved economic performance, the economy “remains challenged.”
  30. Federal Reserve Bank CEO to Speak on National Economic Outlook Nov. 4
    Eric Rosengren, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, will speak at UMass Boston Monday, November 4, as part of the McCormack Leadership Series.
  31. Julie Nelson Discusses the Characteristics of a Sustainable and Just Economy
    Professor Nelson participates in a plenary session at the US Society for Ecological Economics 2013 Conference.
  32. McCormack Leadership Series: Federal Reserve Bank CEO to Speak on National Economic Outlook
    Eric Rosengren will deliver a major policy adress; he is hosted by UMass Boston's McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies
  33. Professor Arjun Jayadev hails Indian Supreme Court rejection of patent protection for cancer drug
    Arjun Jayadev and Joseph Stiglitz praise Indian Supreme Court refusal to uphold cancer drug patent
  34. Arjun Jayadev questions connection between austerity and stock market boom
    In an interview with the Washington Post, Associate Professor Arjun Jayadev challenges "cut and grow" thinking
  35. Professor Nelson’s Work Discussed on NPR’s Marketplace Money
    Professor Nelson talks about her recent work on gender and risk aversion
  36. Professor Horn’s Work Covered by Education Week
    Professor Horn's recent work on the link between housing assistance and access to high performing public schools is featured
  37. Professor Nelson Quoted by BusinessWeek
    Professor Nelson comments on the proposed launch of a new journal by Nobel Laureate Ronald Coase
  38. Professor Amit Basole’s Research Quoted by Businessweek
    Professor Basole's Work Challenges Conventional Explanation of the Decline in Calorie Consumption in India, Pointing to the Existence of a Food Budget Squeeze
  39. Professor Julie Nelson Delivers Plenary Address at Berlin Conference
    Professor Nelson's talk was titled "Why More Gender Studies Are Necessary in Economics."
  40. Julie Nelson Quoted in ABC News
    Professor Nelson disputes the findings of a recent set of papers claiming to find evidence of a "Lipstick Effect" whereby women spend more on beauty products during recessions in order to attract men.
  41. New Master’s Program to Sharpen Students’ Skills in Urban Issues, Inequality
    Applications for the MA in Applied Economics are being accepted through February 15.