Tag: Economics Department, Grant Award, Institute For New Economic Thinking

  1. Professor Julie Nelson Will Be Speaking at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in Budapest
    UMass Boston Professor Julie A. Nelson will speak at a plenary panel (along with Rob Johnson, Perry Mehrling, Sheila Dow, Sanjay Reddy, Mariana Mazzucato, Gustav Horn, Don Ross, and Philip Mirowski), as well as present at a session on Gender and Economics.
  2. Professor Yun K. Kim will visit London as EPOG scholar
    Professor Yun K. Kim will visit Kinston University in London as a EPOG scholar in this May.
  3. Socialist Optimism: An Alternative Political Economy for the Twenty-First Century
    Dr Paul Auerbach, reader in Economics at Kingston University, will present his new book "Socialist Optimism: An Alternative Political Economy for the Twenty-First Century".
  4. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development Goals
    Upcoming talk by economist and sociologist Diane Elson looks at gender and sustainable development goals
  5. The Economist Cites Professor Nelson’s work
    A recent piece in The Economist magazine discusses Professor Nelson's work in feminist economics.
  6. Second Acts: From Economics Professor to Aerobics Instructor
    A recent retiree from academia discovers new skills and inspiration leading fitness classes.
  7. Professor Nelson’s Study on Gender and Risk Taking Covered by Wall Street Journal
    Professor of Economics Julie Nelson debunks the myth that most women are more risk averse than men.
  8. Professor Emeritus Arthur MacEwan on Community College Accessibility
    Professor Emeritus Arthur MacEwan addresses the possible effects of Obama's tuition-free community college proposal.
  9. Economics Faculty Receive Equitable Growth Grants
    Three faculty from the Department of Economics received grants to study how income inequality affects economic growth.
  10. Sandwiched Between Aging Parents and Boomerang Kids in Two Cohorts of American Women
    Please join us for this Gerontology Institute guest lecture on December 3 at 1 p.m.
  11. Professor Julie Nelson Delivers Talk in China
    Professor Julie Nelson delivers invited talk in China
  12. Professor Randy Albelda Receives Ford Foundation Grant
    Professor Albelda receives grant to research linking youth development with parents’ low-wage work