Tag: Ethics

  1. Software Exec & Applied Ethics Center Executive-in-Residence Dan Feldman to Talk Net Neutrality
    Dan Feldman, a software engineering executive and startup advisor, will be leading a conversation on the ethics of net neutrality.
  2. Should We Really Incarcerate Violent Offenders? The Boundaries of Criminal Justice Reform
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy Kevin Wozniak leads this discussion, which is part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  3. Freedom and the Idea of Socialism: Reflecting on the Work of Axel Honneth
    Join the Philosophy Department and Applied Ethics Center for a day of discussion and lectures by Axel Honneth and others on freedom and the idea of socialism.
  4. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose? CTE, Players’ Health, and the Ethics of Tackle Football
    Associate Professor of Philosophy Danielle Bromwich leads this discussion, part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  5. Ethics, Elections, and the Future of Democracy
    Join Congressman Michael E. Capuano and Yale Professor Jason Stanley for a conversation about the current presidential election.