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  1. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Alnoor Ebrahim
    Alnoor Ebrahim presents Measuring Social Change: Designing for Performance and Accountability in a Complex World
  2. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Kathleen Levine Einstein
    Katherine Levine Einstein Presents "Who Participates in Local Government? Evidence from Meeting Minutes"
  3. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Dan O’Brien
    Dan O'Brien presents Catalyzing Research-Policy Collaborations with Urban Informatics: The Case of 311 and Custodianship in the Urban Commons
  4. Public Policy Research Seminar: Propagating Civic Education Practice in Illinois
    Felicia Sullivan presents study findings on how student populations and community contexts create complex educational ecosystems.
  5. Public Policy Research Seminar: Connections Between Unstable Housing and Unstable Schooling
    Deirdre Oakley presents study findings on how the low-income private rental housing market in high poverty, highly segregated neighborhoods affect/shape the lives of families with children.
  6. Innovation = Collaboration + Leadership: UMass Boston Program Celebrates Collaborative Leaders
    The Center for Collaborative Leadership's 16th Annual "Changing the Face of Leadership" lunch on June 16 celebrated many highlights, including a surprise from the 2017 ELP fellows...
  7. Capstone Project: “Space, Race and Networks”
    Nicole Young, TCCS student, presents Space, Race and Networks: A Look at Neocolonial Discourse and Impact in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
  8. Capstone Project: “By Way of Vietnam”
    Tri Quach, TCCS student, presents a fictionalized narrative of three Chinese siblings who are refugees of the war in Vietnam.
  9. Capstone Project: “Re-conceptualizing Parent Engagement among Latinos”
    Iria Dopazo Ruibal, TCCS student, presents a project that will expand outreach, implement culturally sensitive programming and develop method for accessing new strategies.
  10. Capstone Project: “A Participatory Evaluation Guide for Chica Project”
    Tariana V. Little, TCCS student, presents a participatory evaluation guide for nonprofit organizations project.
  11. Life in the Arts after UMass Boston
    Two alumni from the Art Department, Yasmeen Abdallah and Charlie Crowell, will discuss their careers and work since leaving UMass Boston.
  12. Community Dialogues on War and Reconciliation
    William Joiner Institute presents a three day event on War and Reconciliation
  13. Planning in the Face of Conflict: How Planners Improvise
    The Urban Planning and Community Development Spring Planning Lecture
  14. Faculty Forum: Promotion from Associate to Full Professor
    Join a faculty panel as they discuss perspective on their decision to seek promotion and the steps they took to follow through.
  15. Friday Writing Retreats
    Are you looking for a quiet place away from your office to work on your writing?
  16. Provost’s Faculty Book Release Party
    Join the Office for Faculty Development, Healey Library and your colleagues to celebrate the release of faculty books in 2012-2013
  17. Junior Faculty Research Seminar Reception
    Please join us at the Junior Faculty Research Seminar reception.
  18. Community Mediation Center Grant Applicant Briefing
    Applicant briefing for FY 2013 Grant Application Request to be held August 10, 2012 at UMass Boston