Tag: Financial Aid

  1. FAFSA Becomes Available
    FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step in the financial aid process. Use the FAFSA to apply for federal student aid starting October 1.
  2. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Co-Hosts College Affordability Forum at UMass Boston
    UMass students shared their struggles with paying for a college education with Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings on Thursday.
  3. Time is Money: Renew Your FAFSA
    Staff members from uAspire and UMass Boston will assist students in completing the 2015-2016 FAFSA from 1 to 3 in the Testing Center.
  4. Middle Class Prosperity Project Forum on College Affordability
    Join Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings for this free hearing on issues affecting the middle class and college affordability.
  5. Maximize Your Financial Aid: Renew Your FAFSA Party
    Staff members from uAspire and UMass Boston will assist students and their parents in completing the 2014-2015 FAFSA. Bring your most recent federal tax return, W-2 forms, and year-end pay stubs.
  6. Governor Patrick Visits UMass Boston to Unveil High-Demand Scholarship Program
    The new initiative awards $2 million to 800 students studying for high-demand career in public colleges and universities across the state.
  7. Chancellor Motley Takes Part in Student Debt Forum
    UMass Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley participated in a forum Monday on the cost of college.