Tag: Food Pantry

  1. Sociology Students Help Fellow UMass Boston Students, Stock Food Pantry
    UMass Boston’s food pantry is a bit fuller these days, thanks in part to Lecturer in Sociology Jacqueline Lageson’s students, who collected 2,490 food items over the past six weeks.
  2. Donated Keys Converted into $1,700 Check for UMass Boston Food Pantry
    Unused keys collected at UMass Boston last year are supporting students in need, just in time for the holiday season.
  3. U-ACCESS Program Seeks Donations for New Food Pantry
    The Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services—otherwise known as U-ACCESS—is seeking volunteers to organize donation drives for its new food pantry.
  4. U-ACCESS Program Helps Students With Life Outside the Classroom
    In February, the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services, also known as the U-ACCESS program, was created.