Tag: Forum For Cities In Transition

  1. UMass Boston’s International Peace Conference Releases List of Four Dozen Pledges
    Moakley Chair for Peace and Reconciliation Padraig O'Malley announces post-conference pledges from divided cities.
  2. UMass Boston Hosts Global Peace Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland
    McCormack Graduate School’s Padraig O’Malley leads the annual Forum for Cities in Transition.
  3. UMass Boston Professor Convenes Global Peace Conference in Nigeria to Assist Cities in Conflict
    Padraig O’Malley, a UMass Boston professor who has helped broker peace in Northern Ireland and South Africa, facilitated the Forum for Cities in Transition conference in Kaduna, Nigeria last week.
  4. UMass Boston Peacemaker Plans First Youth Peace Conference in Mitrovica
    McCormack Grad School's Padraig O'Malley brings together youth from divided cities for peace conference.
  5. Promoting Peace: A Q&A Session with Forum for Cities in Transition Staff Members
    Learn more about the forum's creation, history, successes and challenges, and highlights of the recent FCT event in Kirkuk, Iraq.
  6. UMass Boston Hosts Peace Delegates from Divided Cities in Kirkuk, Iraq
    McCormack Grad School's Peacebroker Padraig O'Malley hosts 2012 Forum for Cities in Transition in Iraq
  7. UMass Boston Peace Initiative Issues International Report
    Bridging the Gap chronicles the momentum of 12 cities in transition from conflict to lasting peace
  8. Northern Ireland Hosts Second Annual Forum for Cities in Transition
    The second annual Forum for Cities in Transition, established by UMass Boston professor Padraig O’Malley, is taking place in Northern Ireland.