Tag: Gaston Institute

  1. Gastón Institute and PRCC Launch Campaign to Improve Mother-Child Sexual Health Communication
    The Mauricio Gastón Institute of Latino Community Development and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center launched a first-of-its-kind multimedia campaign this month encouraging Puerto Rican mothers to openly discuss sexuality with their children.
  2. Forum: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Executive Leadership Panel Discussion
    Join the College of Public and Community Service for this important presentation and discussion about advancing inclusion in executive leadership
  3. Gastón Institute Researchers Visit University of Quintana Roo in Mexico
    María Idalí Torres, director of the Gastón Institute, and Professor and Senior Research Associate Phil Granberry, visited University of Quintana Roo, Mexico, where they taught medical anthropology and regional economic development seminars.
  4. Gastón Institute at UMass Boston Will Help Latino Communities Navigate Obamacare
    The Institute will use a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services grant to educate Spanish and Portuguese speakers about the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  5. LatinasRepresent Boston Inspires Potential Candidates
    UMass Boston co-hosts impactful conference to help propel Latinas into political and appointed offices.
  6. UMass Boston Conference will Challenge Gap in Latina Political Leadership
    The LatinasRepresent Boston conference will address the underrepresentation of Latinas at all levels of government, support aspiring Latina candidates and their allies, and propel action in Massachusetts and the region to increase the number of Latinas in public leadership positions.
  7. Latinos in Massachusetts: Focus on Pittsfield
    An event for community and policy makers to get the latest demographic profile of Latinos in Pittsfield, including data on education and economic development
  8. UMass Boston Awarded Grant to Investigate Influence of Culture on Health
    Collaborative Effort with Tufts, Dominican Development Center, and Brazilian Immigrant Center will study implications of transnationalism for culture and health.
  9. Education and Civil Rights in the 21st Century
    Pedro Niguera discusses racial segregation and social inequality in school change efforts.
  10. UMass Boston Professor to Speak on Growing Political Influence of Immigrants
    Sociology Professor Luis Jiménez Will Speak at 12:30 in the Healey Library
  11. Eduardo Siqueira Travels to Brazil as Part of OITA Faculty Research Abroad
    CPCS Professor Eduardo Siqueira, also coordinator of the Transnational Brazilian Project, traveled to Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, to start his research project "Health Profile of Returned Brazilian Immigrants." The project will be conducted in partnership with Univale.
  12. Expert on Hispanic Catholicism to Speak at UMass Boston
    As Catholics around the world celebrate Lent, a season of sacrifice and self-evaluation, the Gastón Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston will host a lecture by Hosffman Ospino, a leading expert on the intersection of Catholicism and Latino culture.
  13. Professor Siqueira Speaks at the 2nd Semana de Saúde Coletiva in Brazil
    Professor Eduardo Siqueira participated as a speaker at the 2nd Semana de Saúde Coletiva in Mato Grosso, Brazil in November.
  14. Iwariwë Exhibit Comes to the Healey Library
    UMass Boston will house an Iwariwë: The Origin of Fire Amongst Men, an exhibit recounting the arrival of fire among the Yanomami people, through Friday, September 28 on the fifth floor of the Healey Library.
  15. Eduardo Siqueira travels to North Carolina to meet with the NIOSH and NIEHS
    The Associate Director for Research at the Gastón Institute was invited to North Carolina by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, to discuss a curriculum for Occupational Health Disparities.
  16. UMass Boston Delegation Visits University of São Paulo, Brazil
    As part of the UMass Boston Brazilian Transnational Project, a delegation from UMass Boston visited the Public Health Faculty at University of São Paulo
  17. Gastón Institute Sends Delegation of Students, Research Associates to National Latino Conference
    The Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy is sending research associates and students to a conference in New York City.
  18. Wheelock College’s Presidential International Visiting Scholar: Miren Uriarte
    Miren Uriarte, Gastón Institute's Founder and Senior Research Associate, will speak about her research "English Language Learners: Identifying Success in the Boston Public Schools"