Tag: Global Health

  1. SGISD Trains Parents of Children with Autism in Bangladesh
    Faculty and students from UMass Boston created a training program for families in Bangladesh who have children with autism.
  2. CPDD Senior Fellow Kevin McKague Receives Grant to Help Train Health Workers in South Sudan
    Last month Grand Challenges Canada has awarded Kevin McKague, CPDD senior fellow and adjunct professor at Cape Breton University’s Shannon School of Business, with a $120,000 grant. McKague’s project will help expand health care to women and children in South Sudan.
  3. Professor Courtenay Sprague Brings ‘Global Public Health’ to UMass Boston, Studies HIV
    After more than a decade of work in Southern Africa, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance Courtenay Sprague has brought her expertise in studying public health among marginalized populations to the United States.
  4. UMass Boston Students Spend Spring Break in Peru
    Twelve UMass Boston students will be spending their spring break constructing a water system in Santa Rosa de Huacaria, a small village located in the Andes Mountains that has never had running water.
  5. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Jacob Kariuki, George Hart, and Mercy Kamau
    Join us for presentations related to global issues.
  6. Eileen Stuart-Shor Committed to Health of Underserved Populations
    Eileen Stuart-Shor's article published in the American Heart Association Journal Circulation, among various other accomplishments.
  7. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries
    Assistant Professors Joyce Edmonds and Ling Shi will present on their global health research.
  8. Lisa Kennedy Sheldon Wins Health Services Award from Alumni Association at Saint Anselm College
    The Health Services Award recognizes outstanding achievement in health care, research, practice, and/or health education.
  9. CNHS Faculty Candidate Visit: Examining Close Friendships of Adolescents’ with Chronic Pain
    Join Dr. Paula Forgeron, a candidate for the faculty position in Nursing, as she presents her research on adolescents with chronic pain.
  10. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Kenya Heart and Sole
    Join Dr. Eileen Stuart-Shor and students from her Kenya Heart and Sole team for a lively discussion on the college's global health community outreach and research.
  11. ICC Team to Honduras includes Oncology Nursing
    Health Volunteers including specialists in oncology nursing, work with local doctors and medical students in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  12. Sino-American Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program
    UMass Boston students are eligible to apply for the Sino-American Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program at Southwest University in Chongqing, China.