Tag: Haiti

  1. Day 4: International Education Week November 17, 2016
    Celebrate Day 4 of International Education Week at this years Around the World Brown Bag Luncheon featuring Kim Starbuck from the Urban Harbors Institute!
  2. A Statement on the Crisis in the Dominican Republic
    The Haitian Studies Association strongly deplores and condemns the racialist policies taken by the government of the Dominican Republic against some of its native-born black citizens of Haitian descent and black immigrants, in defiance of international law and common human decency.
  3. UMass Boston’s Conference on Disaster Management Highlights Haiti
    A panelist at the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters conference says in Haiti, “risk is hyper-localized and deeply personal.”
  4. The Haitian Studies Association 25th Annual Conference
    Come join the Haitian Studies Association and celebrate our silver anniversary at the Karibe Convention Center in Haiti.
  5. UMass Boston Alum Leading the Efforts to Rebuild Haiti
    UMass Boston alumnus Patrick Gaston, now executive in residence to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, was drawn to reconnect with UMass Boston.
  6. Boston-led Consortium to Meet in Haiti to Plan Rebuild of Higher Education System
    UMass Boston and the UMass President’s Office are bringing together a consortium of colleges to support rebuilding and improving higher education in Haiti.
  7. After Earthquake, UMass Boston Increases Its Efforts in Haiti
    By the weekend after the Haiti earthquake, UMass Boston faculty, staff, and students had already started putting into place a far-reaching strategy to help the