Tag: Hubweek

  1. UMass Boston Experts Taking Lead Role in HUBWeek 2017
    Boston's citywide festival of innovation to feature UMass Boston experts in conversation on climate change, cancer research, and global entrepreneurship.
  2. U54 Partnership at HUBWeek
    Learn about a concerted effort in Boston that focuses on addressing cancer health disparities in minority populations, improving cancer research, training, and outreach opportunities for all!
  3. Linked Threats: Climate Change and Social Inequality
    As part of HUBWeek, the Sustainable Solutions Lab is co-hosting a discussion on strategies to build resilience and spark innovation in an era of climate change that also address social inequalities.
  4. Marine Science Boston Harbor Cruise for HUBWeek
    As a feature of HUBWeek, UMass Boston’s School for the Environment faculty will lead a Boston Harbor cruise during high tide focused on sustainability, marine life, and climate adaptation.