Tag: Human Rights

  1. SGISD Professor and Student Present on Human Rights at UConn
    Gillian MacNaughton and Kostas Koutsioumpas shared papers at a human rights conference.
  2. Human Rights Minor Introduced in UMass Boston College of Liberal Arts
    The Mass Media has the scoop!
  3. Occupations, Border-Crossings, and Gender
    The Human Rights Minor Presents
  4. The Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights Presents: “Women, Peace,  and Security”
    Policy's Skewed Focus on Sexual Violence: The Failure of a "Successful" Feminist Intervention?
  5. Rule of Law and Democracy in Russia
    A discussion of the current situation
  6. Clearing the Path
    Claudia Torres of the Network against Repression & for Solidarity addresses repression in Mexico
  7. Gender and the Political Economy of Conflict: How Much Do We Really Know?
    The Center of Gender, Security, and Human Rights invites you to this free talk with author Sonali Deraniyagala.
  8. Inside UN Peacekeeping: Policy Changes that Work for Women
    The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights sponsors this free talk by Nadine Peuchguirbal and Cynthia Enloe.
  9. Guest Speaker: Resolving Indigenous Claims through Human Rights Mechanisms
    Suffolk’s Lorie Graham & Nicole Friederichs address the topic, focusing on the Western Shoshone.
  10. Between Gender and Ethnicity: Women’s Rights and Identity Politics in the Andes
    The Center on Gender, Security, and Human Rights presents a talk
  11. Special Film Screening of Meherjaan
    Join us for a film and a discussion with the film's director, Rubaiyat Hossain.