Tag: Immigration

  1. Public Policy PhD Student Accepts Immigrant Integration Award on Behalf of Boston Nonprofit
    Board member Ronald Marlow accepts E Pluribus Unum award for Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Association.
  2. UMass Boston Prof: Stereotype of “Criminal Immigrant” Doesn’t Hold Up
    Sociology professor Bianca Bersani says first-generation immigrants offend less often than average, and their children commit crimes at the same rate as peers
  3. UMass Boston Professor to Speak on Growing Political Influence of Immigrants
    Sociology Professor Luis Jiménez Will Speak at 12:30 in the Healey Library
  4. UMass Boston Minute: Shauna Lo and Chinese Laundries in Massachusetts
    In the latest UMass Boston Minute, we hear from the assistant director of the Institute for Asian American Studies, Shauna Lo.
  5. Jeff Biggers, author of “State out of the Union”
    Come Discuss the In-Depth Study of the so-called "Immigration Crisis" in Arizona with acclaimed journalist and commentator, Jeff Biggers