Tag: India

  1. Dolly Daftary: Globalization in Rural India
    Assistant Professor Dolly Daftary's research looks at how economic growth affects marginalized communities.
  2. UMass Boston Physics Professors Sign Licensing Deal
    Biomedical researchers in India will soon be using microscopes invented at UMass Boston.
  3. A Prince Among Us
    Econ student is crowned
  4. Avatars of Bionationalism: Science, Religion, and the Quest for a Modern India
    Join WGS, Asian Studies, and Dr. Banu Subramaniam for...
  5. UMass Boston Professor Organizes Research Forum in Bangalore, India
    Pratyush Bharati, associate professor of management information systems at UMass Boston, co-organized a research forum in Bangalore, India
  6. Winter International Study Open House: India
    Join us for our Open House! Learn how you can spend your winter break studying global industry in India.
  7. Professor Arjun Jayadev hails Indian Supreme Court rejection of patent protection for cancer drug
    Arjun Jayadev and Joseph Stiglitz praise Indian Supreme Court refusal to uphold cancer drug patent
  8. Professor Amit Basole’s Research Quoted by Businessweek
    Professor Basole's Work Challenges Conventional Explanation of the Decline in Calorie Consumption in India, Pointing to the Existence of a Food Budget Squeeze