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  1. 2017 JFK Award Winner Daniela Bravo-Terkia’s Undergraduate Commencement Address
    Daniela Bravo-Terkia, who emigrated from Chile with her family at age 12, received the John F. Kennedy Award for Academic Excellence on Friday at UMass Boston’s 49th Commencement exercises.
  2. Biochemistry Student Alexander Winnett Receives UMass Boston’s JFK Award
    Chancellor J. Keith Motley announced this week that Winnett, a 22-year-old Whitman native, is receiving two distinguished awards: the John F. Kennedy Award for Academic Excellence, the highest honor given to UMass Boston graduates, and the Massachusetts Department of Education’s 29 Who Shine Award.
  3. JFK Winner Sam Chandler’s Speech at UMass Boston’s 45th Commencement
    Read the speech and watch the video of College of Management graduate Sam Chandler's remarks on behalf of the Class of 2013.
  4. JFK Winner Albert Chen’s Speech at UMass Boston’s 44th Commencement
    This is the text of JFK Award Winner Albert Chen's speech to the University of Massachusetts Boston's Class of 2012.