Tag: Julie Nelson

  1. When is Gender Measurable?
    Professor Julie Nelson gave a keynote address at a workshop at Aarhus University in Denmark on March 16 and 17.
  2. Julie Nelson Delivering Keynote at the 2014 Rethinking Economics NYC Conference
    Professor Nelson participates in student-run conference aiming to challenge predominant economic thinking
  3. Julie Nelson Discusses How Economists Damage our Moral Imagination
    Contemporary mainstream economics has widely “poisoned the well” from which people get their ideas about the relationship between economics and ethics.
  4. Julie Nelson Discusses the Untapped Potential to Transform the Economy
    Transformation doesn’t require an alternative “social economy,” because the economy we have is already social. We just need to recognize and act on that fact.
  5. Julie Nelson Discusses the Characteristics of a Sustainable and Just Economy
    Professor Nelson participates in a plenary session at the US Society for Ecological Economics 2013 Conference.
  6. Professor Nelson’s Work Discussed on NPR’s Marketplace Money
    Professor Nelson talks about her recent work on gender and risk aversion
  7. Professor Nelson Quoted by BusinessWeek
    Professor Nelson comments on the proposed launch of a new journal by Nobel Laureate Ronald Coase
  8. Professor Julie Nelson Delivers Plenary Address at Berlin Conference
    Professor Nelson's talk was titled "Why More Gender Studies Are Necessary in Economics."
  9. Julie Nelson Quoted in ABC News
    Professor Nelson disputes the findings of a recent set of papers claiming to find evidence of a "Lipstick Effect" whereby women spend more on beauty products during recessions in order to attract men.