Tag: Labor Resource Center

  1. Boston Labor Scholars, Leaders, Activists Convene to Analyze Current Labor Movement
    The first Boston Labor Conference opens dialogue on labor-community mobilization
  2. The Boston Labor Conference
    Join the Labor Resource Center, Mass AFL-CIO and The Greater Boston Labor Council for "The State of Labor in Boston: Work, Inequality and the Future of the Labor Movement."
  3. “Starving the Beast” Documentary Film Screening
    This powerful new documentary reveals a nationwide fight for control of the heart, soul, and finances of America’s public universities.
  4. New Labor Studies Program Director Discusses Human Rights, History of Solidarity with Latin America
    The new director of UMass Boston’s Labor Studies Program and Labor Resource Center had one message he wanted audience members to take away from his first public lecture on campus: the labor studies major is open for business
  5. November 5 Declared “James Green Day” to Honor Retired Professor
    Green’s many accomplishments include founding the Labor Studies program at UMass Boston and founding the Labor Resource Center.
  6. Labor Resource Center Director Receives Fulbright Grant
    Susan Moir will travel to India in 2016 and 2017 to study women in the construction industry.
  7. Noam Chomsky Speaks at UMass Boston
    On Tuesday afternoon, a full audience of students, faculty, and community members welcomed Noam Chomsky to UMass Boston.
  8. TIME Top Influencer Ai-jen Poo: “We Need to Have a Plan” for Long-Term Care
    Ai-jen Poo Is a Leading Thinker on How to Address Coming “Elder Boom”
  9. Valuing Women’s Paid Care Work: From Research to Public Policy in Massachusetts
    The Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy is pleased to host its 33rd Women’s Research Forum.
  10. Labor Resource Center Moves to College of Liberal Arts; Undergraduate Labor Studies Program Revamped
    After 30 years in the College of Public and Community Service, UMass Boston’s Labor Resource Center has moved to the university’s College of Liberal Arts.
  11. Brown Bag Lunch: Organizing for Transformative Change in Appalacia and the South
    Lunch and learn with Pam McMichael, executive director of the Highlander Research and Education Center.
  12. Labor Resource Center hosts Domestic Worker Thinking Big, Moving Forward Breakfast Seminar
    Brazilian Immigrant Center Director Natalicia Tracy will present her current research paper in a panel discusssion themed "Out of the Shadows: Reversing 60 Years of Exclusion for Domestic Workers."
  13. UMass Boston Student Earns Research Award to Study Construction Jobs for Women
    Carolyn Arcand, who studies public policy at McCormack Grad School, earns research award from Department of Labor.
  14. Education and Civil Rights in the 21st Century
    Pedro Niguera discusses racial segregation and social inequality in school change efforts.
  15. Undocumented & Unafraid
    Join UMass Boston's Labor Resource Center for a conversation about the UCLA Labor Center publication that captures the voices of the Dream Act Movement.
  16. Integrated Sciences Complex Project Commended for Workplace Diversity
    The work underway on the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Integrated Sciences Complex has been cited in a new manual aimed at ensuring construction owners, managers, contractors, and building trade unions have a diverse workforce.
  17. Photography Workshop with Award-winning Photographer Peter Pereira
    Join the Harbor Gallery and the Labor Resource Center for a workshop with award-winning photographer Peter Pereira.
  18. Work in Progress: Workers See Themselves Through a New Lens
    The work of UMass Dartmouth Labor Resource Center students will be featured in the University of Massachusetts Boston's Harbor Gallery from October 28 to November 29.
  19. Jeff Biggers, author of “State out of the Union”
    Come Discuss the In-Depth Study of the so-called "Immigration Crisis" in Arizona with acclaimed journalist and commentator, Jeff Biggers
  20. Thinking Big/Moving Forward Spring Breakfast Seminar
    We're excited to be featuring the research of Paul Osterman from his recent book, Good Jobs America: Making Work Better for Everyone, at the Labor Resource Center's upcoming breakfast seminar.
  21. UMass Boston Report Documents Continued Obstacles for Women in Building Trades
    Women make up only 2.7 percent of the construction trades workforce in the U.S., according to a report issued by the Labor Resource Center and Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy.
  22. UMass Boston Holds First Labor-Neighbor Breakfast
    Union representatives, city and state legislators, and labor students and researchers came together for the first UMass Boston Labor-Neighbor Breakfast.