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  1. October 2017: McCormack Graduate School Pizza and Policy Chat
    Take a break and meet with colleagues and friends at the new location, Savin Hill Bar and Kitchen
  2. McCormack Community Fall 2018 Meet and Greet
    Please mark your calendars for the McCormack Community Fall 2018 Meet and Greet: Thursday, September 6
  3. Center for Social Policy Student Research Symposium
    The symposium is to showcase student research, to discuss how CSP engages students in the research process, and how our research impacts policy and practice.
  4. Massachusetts Secretary of State Debate
    UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, WBUR, and The Boston Globe host Gavin and Zakim
  5. Massachusetts Congressional Debate
    UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, WBUR, and The Boston Globe host Representative Capuano and City Councilor Pressley
  6. Colloquium: Ceasefire Negotiations: Shooting for Peace with Anthony Wanis-St. John, PhD
    Anthony Wanis-St.John will discuss his research examining the success rate of mediators attempts to negotiate ceasefires in civil war.
  7. Colloquium: Putting science to work for peace: A neuroscience approach to peacebuilding
    Dr. Emile Bruneau will discuss his research examining the processes that drive intergroup animosity and evidence-based approaches that have been shown to succeed (and fail) to reduce hostility
  8. UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School, WBUR, Boston Globe to Host Political Debates this Summer
    UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, WBUR, and The Boston Globe plan to host live debates among candidates for several offices this year, prior to the September 4 primaries.
  9. McCormack Professor Calls for Greater Connectivity Infrastructure During Panel at UN Headquarters
    Aroon P. Manoharan, associate professor of public policy and public affairs in the McCormack Graduate School, participated in a special panel at the UN headquarters in New York City this spring.
  10. Thesis Defense by William G Foster-Nolan, International Relations Master’s Program
    Join us for Master's in International Relations thesis defense by William G Foster-Nolan titled: "War, Public Outrage, and Partisanship: Congressional Responses to Presidential Military Overreach"
  11. Thesis Defense by Enrico E. Manalo, Conflict Resolution Master’s Program
    Join us for Master's in Conflict Resolution thesis defense by Enrico E. Manalo titled: "A Closed Mouth Gonna Get you Nothin': How Conflict is Handled after Diversity and Inclusion"
  12. $1M Pension Action Center Grant Ensures Free Pension Counseling to Continue in NE for Next 5 Years
    A new $1 million grant from the Administration for Community Living will make it possible for UMass Boston's Pension Action Center to continue providing free pension legal counseling to people across New England for the next five years.
  13. UMass Boston’s Paid Leave Analysis Demonstrates Costs, Benefits to Workers
    A policy brief released by McCormack Graduate School’s Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy demonstrates the equalizing effects and affordability of a paid family and medical leave program as Massachusetts becomes the sixth state in the country to have such a program.
  14. Colloquium: Civil Resistance Against the Global Rise of Authoritarianism with Jamila Raqib
    Jamila Raqib will discuss non-violent resistance movements emerging in response to global threats to democratic institutions worldwide. This is part of the Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series.
  15. Women Mayors Discuss Challenges and Opportunities in Elections and Governance
    Mayors Encourage Younger Women to Take the Risk and Run for Office
  16. Thesis Defense by Edward C Henry, International Relations Master’s Program
    Join us for Master's in International Relations thesis defense by Edward C. Henry titled The United States of Sol: Privatization as a Tool of American Hegemony in the Solar System
  17. Dr. Shuangshuang Wang, Gerontology Graduate, Thanks Her Village at McCormack
    The first time that Dr. Shuangshuang Wang learned of the Gerontology field was from a professor in college who mentioned that while there are many researchers interested in child development, far fewer are focused on the development of older adults.
  18. 2018 Student Orientation: Conflict Resolution, Int’l Relations and Global Governance/Human Security
    For incoming students in the International Relations Master’s Program, the Graduate Programs in Conflict Resolution, and the Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program
  19. Dissertation Defense by Jamie J. Hagen, Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program
    Doctoral candidate Jamie J. Hagen, defends her dissertation titled "Queering Women, Peace and Security "
  20. McCormack Graduate School to Host Gubernatorial Debate
    The first debate among the Democratic candidates will take place on Thursday, May 17, from 3 to 4 p.m. at UMass Boston. Sponsored by WBUR, the debate will be conducted before a live audience, as well as live-streamed by the sponsors at,, and
  21. Dissertation Defense by Yuliya Rashchupkina, Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program
    Doctoral candidate Yuliya Rashchupkina, defends her dissertation titled "Mainstreaming Climate Change in Development: the Evolution of Discourse "
  22. Democratic Gubernatorial Debates
  23. Celebrate the Publication of Professor Courtenay Sprague’s Book, Gender and HIV in South Africa
    Join us as we congratulate Courtenay on her new book which addresses the ongoing problem of HIV in black South African women as a health inequity
  24. Spring 2018 Robert C. Wood Lecture of Public and Urban Affairs
    Dean Reuben Brigety, II will explore the sources and uses of American soft power, and what is necessary to rebuild it in the age of American political polarization. Lecture on April 17.
  25. Panel on Northern Ireland: Managing the Past to Move Forward
    Join us for a fascinating conversation with three leading scholar/activists on the conflict in Northern Ireland.
  26. Dissertation Defense by Modupe Oshikoya, Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program
    Doctoral candidate Modupe Oshikoya defends her dissertation titled "Exploring the impact of insurgencies on gender-based violence and the Nigerian armed forces: The Boko Haram Case."
  27. Issues, Debates, and Personalities Driving the Agenda at the United Nations in 2018
    Featuring Mark Goldberg, host of and editor of global affairs blog UN Dispatch. Sponsored by the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance
  28. Career Pathways and Strategies for the (Would-be) Conflict Resolution Professional
    Career workshop focusing on conflict resolution, conflict management, international education, and peacebuilding fields. Registration free but suggested donation to benefit Matz Fellowship.
  29. 2018 Slomoff Lecture: Building a World of Peace - The Transformative Power of Children and Families
    Welcoming Rima Salah as speaker at our Annual Sylvia and Benjamin Slomoff Lectureship: bringing together leading scholars and practitioners advancing the field of conflict resolution.
  30. UMass Boston Researchers: Satisfaction Not the Same Thing As Quality in Nursing Homes
    Associate Professor of Gerontology Pamela Nadash and other McCormack Graduate School researchers found a clear indication that satisfaction and quality are not the same things in nursing homes.
  31. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Alnoor Ebrahim
    Alnoor Ebrahim presents Measuring Social Change: Designing for Performance and Accountability in a Complex World
  32. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Kathleen Levine Einstein
    Katherine Levine Einstein Presents "Who Participates in Local Government? Evidence from Meeting Minutes"
  33. Public Policy Spring 2018 Research Seminar: Dan O’Brien
    Dan O'Brien presents Catalyzing Research-Policy Collaborations with Urban Informatics: The Case of 311 and Custodianship in the Urban Commons
  34. Community Mediation Centers Celebrate $12M ROI and 6 Years of Legislative Support
    The Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration operates a unique program offering conflict resolution services throughout the state.
  35. Accelerated Master’s Program Information Lunch
    Save time and money with UMass Boston's accelerated master's program. Earn a BA and MA in as little as five years. Join us for complimentary lunch and learn more. Registration is required.
  36. Colloquium: Potent(ial) Conflict: Dis/Empowering Restorative Justice Processes in Rural South Africa
    Sindiso Mnisi Weeks will discuss how traditional forums in rural South Africa deal with conflict and possibilities for employing mutually empowering solutions.
  37. Colloquium Series: Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding With Dr. Yves-Renée Jennings
    Jennings will talk about capacity building of Dominicans of Haitian descent and repatriated/deported Haitians living on the Haiti-side of the Dominican-Haitian border.
  38. 12 PhD Students Chosen to Participate in Transdisciplinary Dissertation Proposal Development Program
    The Office of Graduate Studies has chosen 12 doctoral students from across the university to participate in this special program to help them develop their dissertation proposals.
  39. Conflict Resolution Programs Prepare Veterans for Future Careers
    The Graduate Programs in Conflict Resolution support veterans’ professional-development efforts, whether they are looking to turn their military experiences into a career, or to get started in a new field.
  40. International Relations Capstone Project Presentations
    Students present major research papers exploring a scholarly, policy-relevant themes in the field of international relations.
  41. Graduate Programs in Conflict Resolution Master’s Projects
    Part of the Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series: Conflict Resolution students present their master's projects or thesis representing a wide variety of topics.
  42. Office of Public Collaboration, DOC Lead Pilot Project on Prisoner Re-entry Mediation
    To reduce recidivism, McCormack Graduate School center partners with MA Department of Correction to provide prisoner mediation services.
  43. Celebrate the Publication of Rita Kiki Edozie’s Book: Pan Africa Rising
    Edozie's book uses Nigeria’s Afri-capitalist and South Africa’s Ubuntu business models as case studies to show how tension between Africa Rising and Pan African economics can be reconciled
  44. McCormack Alumna Leads Bureau of Sages Project to Bring Elder Voices to Research Development
    Public Policy alum Erin McGaffigan will lead the Long-Term Services and Support Center’s contribution to the Bureau of Sages project.
  45. UMass Boston Report Provides Timely Cost Estimates on Paid Leave Ballot Question
    A new report released by the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy provides voters with clear estimates on the proposed paid leave program’s costs and coverage.
  46. McCormack Researchers Contribute to Special Issue Journal on Natural Resource Governance in Africa
    Global Governance and Human Security professor, PhD student contribute to the Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy.
  47. Sustainable Solutions Lab Fall 2017 Semester Roundup
    The Sustainable Solutions Lab hosted and participated in a number of sustainability activities during the Fall 2017 semester.
  48. International Relations Alum Attends U.N. Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany
    Parfait Gasana participated as a member of the Rwandan delegation at the latest United Nations climate summit.
  49. Bad Retail Jobs Are Not Inevitable – New Book by Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly Explains Why
    Noted economist Paul Krugman calls the book "supremely important" research on retail jobs across countries and companies.
  50. Gender, Leadership & Public Policy Alumna to be First African-American on City Council
    McCormack Graduate School alumna Leslie Stevenson wins a seat on Norwood, OH city council, the first African American elected to that position.
  51. McCormack Graduate School Hosts Conference on School Discipline
    The “Moving Beyond Chapter 222” conference looked at the school discipline landscape in Massachusetts and possibilities for future investment in progressive discipline.
  52. McCormack Students Present Papers, Find Support at International Relations Conference
    Six doctoral students presented their research at the International Studies Association conference.
  53. McCormack Staff Member Speaks to the Nigerian Government to Pass a Bill Targeting Hate Speech
    Mariam Marwa-Abdu urged members of the House Committee on National Security and Intelligence to support religious tolerance.
  54. McCormack Professor Interviewed on Government Use of Mobile Apps interviewed Aroon Manoharan on municipal e-government and public participation, specifically the mobile voting (mVoting) app of the city of Seoul.
  55. Conflict Resolution Professor Publishes Book on Youth Encounter Programs in Israel
    Karen Ross has published her first book, Youth Encounter Programs in Israel: Pedagogy, Identity, and Social Change.
  56. Increasing Women’s Representation in Politics in Northern Ireland
    Increasing women’s representation in politics in Northern Ireland: Lessons from other post-conflict societies with Yvonne Galligan, PhD, Queen’s University, Belfast
  57. McCormack Peacemaker Organizes Global Muslim Youth Group
    Padraig O'Malley bring Muslim youth together from Europe and the Balkins to create their own Charter of Rights.
  58. Dissertation Defense by Jeremiah O. Asaka PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Jeremiah O. Asaka PhD defends his dissertation titled "Transformations in conservation governance and implications for human security: the case of Kenya’s northern rangelands"
  59. Public Policy Research Seminar: Propagating Civic Education Practice in Illinois
    Felicia Sullivan presents study findings on how student populations and community contexts create complex educational ecosystems.
  60. Celebrate the Publication of Karen Ross’s New Book: Youth Encounter Programs in Israel
    Karen's book explores how different organizations shape participants’ national identity, beliefs about social change, and motivation to continue engaging in peace-building activities.
  61. Fukushima, A Divided Community: Its Conflict Transformation Strategies - Colloquium
    Prof. Akiko Ishihara, Kumamoto University will discuss conflict transformation and peacebuilding projects in Fukushima & around North Korean tensions. Part of Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series
  62. Global Governance and Human Security PhD Alumni Set Out to Build a More Secure and Sustainable World
    Learn about the new careers and accomplishments of these alumni from UMass Boston's McCormack Graduate School.
  63. Public Administration Alum Chosen for National Leadership Program to Build Health Equity
    Robert Torres has been chosen for the next cohort of 40 Culture of Health Leaders, a leadership development initiative supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  64. Public Policy Research Seminar: Connections Between Unstable Housing and Unstable Schooling
    Deirdre Oakley presents study findings on how the low-income private rental housing market in high poverty, highly segregated neighborhoods affect/shape the lives of families with children.
  65. From Parades in Belfast to Statues in Virginia: Analyzing & Managing Conflicts Around Commemoration
    Colloquium guest speaker Orla Muldoon, PhD, University of Limerick, has studied memorialization in the Ireland context by conducting research on museums, national identity, parades, and flag issues.
  66. Clean Energy is Today’s Moon Shot
    A Discussion of JFK's Vision for Innovation and Environmentalism and the Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change
  67. 2017 MPA Alumni Career Panel and Pi Alpha Alpha Induction
    Join the faculty and alumni of the MPA program in a conversation about public service careers and a celebration of academic excellence.
  68. McCormack Alumna, Former Asst Vice Chancellor Mary Grant Will Lead the Edward M. Kennedy Institute
    In January 2018, Public Affairs alumna Mary Grant, PhD, becomes president of the EMK Institute for the United States Senate.
  69. Alumnus David Nieto Receives $5M Grants to Enhance Educational Equity
    Applied Linguistics and Public Policy alum earns competitive Department of Education Professional Development Grants.
  70. UMass Boston Researchers Release Study on Gender Pay Equity
    The report, Gaining Ground on Equal Pay: Empowering Boston’s Women Through Salary Negotiation Workshops, is based on in-depth interviews with some of the nearly 1,800 women who attended the first year of the AAUW Work Smart in Boston workshop program.
  71. McCormack Students Examine Community Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland
    Conflict Resolution graduate students spent 10 days in Northern Ireland focusing on key contemporary challenges still facing peacebuilding in the region.
  72. DC, Massachusetts, and the Future of a Clean Energy Economy
    UMass Boston is participating in a panel discussion on how the federal government's approach to clean energy and environmental policy will impact Massachusetts clean energy economy.
  73. Connie Chan Earns Professor Emerita Status
    Recently retired, Connie Chan was honored with the title professor emerita of Public Policy and Public Affairs
  74. Awotona Delivers Keynote Paper at a Global Social Sciences Conference in Britain
    Professor Adenrele Awotona speaks on global disasters and conference on social sciences and interdisciplinary studies.
  75. McCormack’s Fall 2017 Community Welcome
    Please join the McCormack Graduate School community in celebrating the beginning of the new academic year!
  76. December 2017: McCormack Graduate School Pizza and Policy Chat
    NEW LOCATION, BACK ON CAMPUS: Take a break and meet with McCormack Graduate School colleagues and friends.
  77. November 2017: McCormack Graduate School Pizza and Policy Chat
    LOCATION & TIME CHANGE: Take a break and meet with colleagues and friends at the University Dining Club at 4 p.m.
  78. Professor Matz Recommends Ways to Improve the Role of the Patient in Medical Decision-Making
    Professor of Conflict Resolution shares his healthcare journey and the role of the patient in decision-making
  79. Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance Staff Earns Chancellor’s Achievement Award
    Kudos to Kelly Ward Mason, recipient of the 2017 Chancellor's Achievement Award
  80. Two McCormack PhD Students Earn Boren Fellowships to Study Languages Abroad
    Polly Cegielski and Linda Holcombe, both PhD students in the McCormack Graduate School, have received Boren Fellowships to study languages abroad. Cegielski is going to Tajikistan to study Pashto and Holcombe is going to Uganda to study Swahili.
  81. McCormack Graduate School Welcomes New Associate Dean
    Edozie brings a background as a teacher-scholar and academic administrator to her new role at UMass Boston.
  82. Mayoral Town Hall Conversations
    Marty Walsh wraps up two days of conversations with the mayoral candidates. Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson will be here July 19.
  83. McCormack Grad School Cohosts Live Conversations with Mayoral Candidates Marty Walsh, Tito Jackson
    The McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at UMass Boston has teamed up with WBUR, the Boston Globe, NBC Boston, NECN, and Telemundo Boston to jointly host live conversations with Boston mayoral candidates this summer.
  84. 2017 Student Orientation: Conflict Resolution, Int’l Relations and Global Governance/Human Security
    For incoming students in the International Relations Master’s Program, the Graduate Programs in Conflict Resolution, and the Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program
  85. UMass Boston Launches “Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice Project”
    This partnership is designed to strengthen the quality, legality, and consistency of decision-making by district authorities in administrative and regulatory cases involving citizens and businesses in Rwanda
  86. Conflict Resolution Professor Wins Award for Innovation in Online Teaching
    Celebrating Professor Karen Ross recipient of the 2017 UMass Boston Innovation in Online Teaching Award
  87. Dissertation Defense by Natalia Escobar- Pemberthy PhD in Global Governance and Human Security
    Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy defends her dissertation on Friday May 19th
  88. Grad Student Fakisha Fabre UMass Boston’s 29 Who Shine Winner
    Fakisha Fabre, a student in the Master’s in Public Administration Program in the McCormack Graduate School, is the 2017 "29 Who Shine" award winner from the University of Massachusetts Boston.
  89. Building an Educational Justice Movement
    UMass Boston, McCormack Graduate School hosts 2nd conference convening activists, academics and funders from across the country to discuss educational policy challenges of the new administration
  90. 2017 McCormack Commencement Reception
    Join the dean, faculty, and staff of the McCormack Graduate School as we salute our graduating students and their loved ones.
  91. UMass Boston Professor Contributes to Deliberations on Post-War Reconstruction in Iraqi-Kurdistan
    Adenrele Awotona delivered the plenary speech on "Rebuilding Sinjar As If People Mattered."
  92. UMass Boston Earns USAID Grant to Help Advance Administrative Justice in Rwanda
    This project will help national agencies and local governments render more informed and defensible decisions and empower citizens to better understand and challenge those decisions when they are flawed.
  93. Community Leadership and Political Identity: Reflections on a Path Towards Wholeness and Belonging
    Maria Elena Letona is the executive director at Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts and the CWPPP distinguished public service leader. Hear what she has to say at this public lecture.
  94. Open House Conflict Transformation Across Borders
    Come to this open house to learn more about the Conflict Transformation Across Borders study abroad program in Ecuador.
  95. May 2: Trump Administration Policy Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
    Explore the policy implications of a Trump Administration
  96. April 18: Trump Administration Policy Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
    Explore the policy implications of a Trump Administration
  97. The Struggle for Black Dignity in the Age of Trump and the Era of Black Lives Matter
    Peniel E. Joseph, PhD to deliver the Spring 2017 Robert C. Wood Visiting Professor of Public and Urban Affairs Lecture
  98. Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu Join UMass Boston Experts to Discuss New Book
    Join the McCormack Graduate School for a discussion of a new book, Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America.
  99. April 6: Trump Administration Policy Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
    Explore the policy implications of a Trump Administration
  100. March 22: Trump Administration Policy Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
    Explore the policy implications of a Trump Administration