Tag: Mediation

  1. Office of Public Collaboration Determines Grant Funding for Community Mediation Centers
    MOPC distributes and administers awards for more than $500K in critical funding statewide.
  2. Elder & Adult Family Mediation
    Part of the Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series this talk will focus on the types of cases that come to adult family mediation & what skills/knowledge practitioners in this field need.
  3. Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration Awards $582K in Grants to Community Mediation Centers
    UMass Boston-based office promotes delivery of affordable mediation services
  4. Interfaith Mediation Training Workshop (December 4-6, 2013)
    This highly interactive training will explore an array of methods through which religious conflicts can be mediated and resolved.
  5. Issues in Family Mediation: a talk by Jane Honoroff
    Jane Honoroff, specialist in family mediation, opens the 2013 Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series
  6. Community Mediation Center Grant Applicant Briefing
    Applicant briefing for FY 2013 Grant Application Request to be held August 10, 2012 at UMass Boston
  7. MOPC Accepting Community Mediation Center Grant Applications until August 31st
    The MA Office of Public Collaboration is accepting grant applications until August 31, 2012 to qualify and provide state operational funding to community mediation centers.