Tag: Michael Keating

  1. UN Leaving Liberia: What’s Next?
    Michael Keating discusses the continued presence of UN troops and increased presence of international police in addition to outlining actions Liberia could take to assist the United Nations military mission in Liberia (UNMIL) leave successfully.
  2. Africa’s New Revolution: A Conversation with Gebreselaisse Yosief Tesfamichael
    Listen to the former finance minister of Eritrea and former governor of the World Bank talk about the turmoil in Africa
  3. MGS Graduate Seminar on Globalization and Development Broadcast to Liberians
    International relations students "gain invaluable insight from .. Liberian counterparts"
  4. Michael Keating to Speak on Frantz Fanon at DC Anniversary Lecture
    George Washington University honors the 50th anniversary of the death of this Martiniquo-Algerian revolutionary