Tag: Nantucket Field Station

  1. UMass Boston’s Nantucket Field Station Hosts “Our Oceans = Our Future” Forum
    Chancellor Motley: Field Station is just one example of UMass Boston's commitment to cutting-edge climate research
  2. Actor Mark Ruffalo Visits UMass Boston’s Nantucket Field Station
    Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, who stars as Hulk in the Avengers movies, visited UMass Boston’s Nantucket Field Station recently to discuss a new partnership between his nonprofit organization Water Defense and field station Director Sarah Oktay.
  3. Sarah Oktay, UMass Nantucket Field Station Director, Profiled by CNN
    Sarah Oktay, managing director of the Nantucket Field Station, talked about the importance of salt marshes in her CNN interview.
  4. Nantucket Field Station Program Receives Statehouse Citation
    Grace Grossman Youth Collaborative brings students from urban areas to Nantucket.
  5. UMass Boston’s Nantucket Field Station Receives Diversity Award
    Organization of Biological Field Stations Gives 2012 Human Diversity Award
  6. Nantucket Field Station Announces New Friends Organization to Promote Research, Public Outreach
    The UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station announces the creation of the Friends of Nantucket Field Station.
  7. Thar She Blows
    Irene and Nantucket: Friends?
  8. NFS on Nantucket’s Plum TV
    David Poor and Len Germinara discuss the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the NFS on