Tag: Northern Ireland

  1. Increasing Women’s Representation in Politics in Northern Ireland
    Increasing women’s representation in politics in Northern Ireland: Lessons from other post-conflict societies with Yvonne Galligan, PhD, Queen’s University, Belfast
  2. McCormack Students Examine Community Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland
    Conflict Resolution graduate students spent 10 days in Northern Ireland focusing on key contemporary challenges still facing peacebuilding in the region.
  3. Summer Institute in Northern Ireland Info Session
    All students interested in studying in Northern Ireland summer 2017 should attend this event.
  4. Summer Institute in Northern Ireland: Lessons in Community Peacebuilding
    Part of the Conflict Resolution Colloquium Series: Introduction to Northern Ireland institute and the achievements of local activists and agencies in bringing the area to its current state of peace.
  5. Peace in Northern Ireland: Dream or Reality?
    Professor Breen-Smyth will present a contemporary assessment of the status of the settlement in Northern Ireland in the context of stalemate in the assembly and continuing spoiler violence
  6. UMass Boston Professor Reflects on Collaboration with Nelson Mandela
    In 1993, Nelson Mandela agreed to co-host a conference with the McCormack Graduate School, which led to the meeting of 16 leading peace agreement negotiators from the major parties in Northern Ireland in 1997.
  7. Northern Ireland Hosts Second Annual Forum for Cities in Transition
    The second annual Forum for Cities in Transition, established by UMass Boston professor Padraig O’Malley, is taking place in Northern Ireland.