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  1. Zimbalist Talks on the Boston Olympic Bid
    Exploring the Economic Implications of a Boston Olympics
  2. Chancellor Motley Statement on Boston 2024
    University of Massachusetts Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley is looking forward to continued discussion about the potential role of UMass Boston in the 2024 Summer Olympics.
  3. Former Olympian Marion Jones Tells UMass Boston Students to Take a Break
    Jones spoke to UMass Boston students, faculty, and staff about stepping back and thinking through the consequences of their actions at a talk on Friday, Dec. 9.
  4. Former Olympian Marion Jones to Speak at UMass Boston December 9
    Former Olympic track star Marion Jones will visit the University of Massachusetts Boston Friday, December 9.
  5. A Conversation with Marion Jones
    Former Olympic Athlete and Track Star Marion Jones joins Chancellor Motley for a candid conversation: Responsibility, Redemption and Resilience