Tag: Peace

  1. Why Peace Is Possible: Exploring the Anatomy of Violence and War
    Iraq Veteran Paul K. Chappell explores how peace is possible in today's violent world.
  2. Public Seminar on Gendering Public Finance: Insights & Opportunities for Furthering Gender Equality
    The Consortium for Gender, Security and Human Rights is cosponsoring an upcoming public seminar on gendered analyses of public finance institutions and mechanisms in countries emerging from violent conflict in Oslo, Norway.
  3. Negotiating and Building Peace: What are the Consequences of Gendered Exclusions?
    This lecture will explore the causes and consequences of these gendered exclusions, examining their detrimental effects on both gender equality and sustainable peace.
  4. All Souls Author MacDonald Discusses Restorative Justice Practices at Slomoff Symposium
    All Souls Author Michael Patrick MacDonald led a panel discussion on restorative justice at Tuesday's annual Slomoff Symposium.
  5. Peace in Northern Ireland: Dream or Reality?
    Professor Breen-Smyth will present a contemporary assessment of the status of the settlement in Northern Ireland in the context of stalemate in the assembly and continuing spoiler violence
  6. McCormack Grad Student Attends Geneva Peace Conference
    International Relations graduate student Huseyin Sari attended the Geneva Peace Conference: Mobilizing Civil Society for Building Peace, on October 24, United Nations Day.
  7. UMass Boston Hosts Global Peace Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland
    McCormack Graduate School’s Padraig O’Malley leads the annual Forum for Cities in Transition.
  8. Telecommunications Pioneer Funds Non-violence and Peace Projects at UMass Boston
    Sid Topol, a pioneer in the field of wireless communication, will fund the new Topol Peace Data Initiative at UMass Boston’s Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development (CPDD).
  9. McCormack PhD Student Works toward Peace in Nigeria
    Student studying global governance and human security works to diffuse conflicts among Christians and Muslims.
  10. UMass Boston’s Nigeria Expert Weighs in on Boko Haram Kidnappings
    Darren Kew, executive director of UMass Boston's Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, is emerging as a leading national expert on the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria.
  11. Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga Highlights Africa’s Development
    Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga visited the UMass Boston campus on May 6 to deliver a talk, “The Awakening African Lion,” as part of the Distinguished International Lecture series.
  12. The 2014 Slomoff Symposium: Bridging Global Religious Divides
    Participants will be invited to examine the field, analyze current practices, define new methods, and develop an agenda for practice and research in interreligious conflict resolution.
  13. UMass Boston Professor Reflects on Collaboration with Nelson Mandela
    In 1993, Nelson Mandela agreed to co-host a conference with the McCormack Graduate School, which led to the meeting of 16 leading peace agreement negotiators from the major parties in Northern Ireland in 1997.
  14. Interfaith Mediation Training Workshop (December 4-6, 2013)
    This highly interactive training will explore an array of methods through which religious conflicts can be mediated and resolved.
  15. UMass Boston’s Policy School Showcases Community Partnerships
    At recent UMass Boston event, McCormack Grad School showcases their community engagement activities.
  16. Promoting Peace: A Q&A Session with Forum for Cities in Transition Staff Members
    Learn more about the forum's creation, history, successes and challenges, and highlights of the recent FCT event in Kirkuk, Iraq.
  17. Peace Abbey Archives Now Part of New UMass Boston Center
    Items from the Peace Abbey in Sherborn are the foundation for UMass Boston's new Center and Archives for Peace, Social Action, Public Policy, and the Arts, located in Healey Library.
  18. UMass Boston to Celebrate 44th Commencement on June 1
    UMass Boston’s Campus Center lawn will be transformed into a stage for the largest event of the year, as more than 3,800 students receive their degrees.
  19. Lessons Learned from Aceh: Women, Peace Processes & the Prospects for Sustainable Peace
    Shadia Marhaban, president of the Aceh Women's League, will reflect on her experiences and the current gendered realities of peace negotiations.
  20. UMass Boston Honors Housing Advocate with Quinn Award at 25th Annual Community Breakfast
    Chancellor J. Keith Motley awarded East Boston resident Mossik Hacobian with the Robert H. Quinn Award for Outstanding Community Leadership.
  21. UMass Boston and Boston Police Team Up with City Youth to Create Peace Billboards
    UMass Boston and its community partners recently launched a new youth-driven billboard campaign, titled, “Peace: What’s it to you?”