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Tag: Philosophy

  1. Ethics Forum Series: Coercive Treatment and Anorexia
    Professor Emerita of Philosophy Jennifer Radden leads this session, which is part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  2. Kantian Cosmopolitan Peace: A Transitional Reading
    The Applied Ethics Center invites you to a talk by Claudio Corradetti of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Part of the Ethics Forum Series.
  3. The Persistence of Racial Inequality in 21st Century America: A Symposium on the Work of Glenn Loury
    The Philosophy Department and Applied Ethics Center present a panel on the work of Glenn Loury followed by a lecture by Glenn Loury.
  4. Ethics Forum Series: The Need for a Culture of Ethics on Our Campuses
    James Keenan, SJ, the director of The Jesuit Institute at Boston College, leads the discussion. Part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  5. The Corporate Corruption of Conscience: Can Work Environments Damage Our Moral Intuition?
    Speaker Clark Warner's research is in behavioral ethics with a focus on the role of intuition in ethical decision making. Part of the Ethics Forum Series sponsored by the Applied Ethics Center
  6. Ethics Forum Series: CRISPR and the Ethics of Gene Editing Therapy
    James Huebner, the director of project management at Celldex Therapeutics, leads the discussion. Part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  7. Freedom and the Idea of Socialism: Reflecting on the Work of Axel Honneth
    Join the Philosophy Department and Applied Ethics Center for a day of discussion and lectures by Axel Honneth and others on freedom and the idea of socialism.
  8. Who Loaded Trump’s Gun? A Brief History of America’s Nuclear Sin
    The Applied Ethics Center hosts this lecture with National Book Award winner James Carroll.
  9. Ethics Forum Series: Conspiracy Theories
    Associate Professor of Philosophy Adam Beresford leads this discussion, which is part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  10. Ethics Forum Series: What Will Happen When You Give Your Face to Apple?
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy Maria Brincker leads a discussion about Face ID, privacy, and the brave new digital world. Part of the Applied Ethics Center's Ethics Forum Series.
  11. Antifa Ethics: Is Leftist Violence OK?
    Join the Applied Ethics Center for a discussion of the tactics of the Antifa movement. Chair and Professor of Philosophy Chris Zurn will lead the discussion.
  12. Faculty Research Celebration Highlights Mentorship On Campus
    On May 2, Chancellor J. Keith Motley and the Friends of the Library hosted the annual Faculty Research Celebration in the Integrated Sciences Complex.
  13. “What is Legitimation?”: A Talk by Robert Simpson (Monash, Australia)
    Join the UMass Boston Philosophy Department for a talk by Robert Simpson on legitimation.
  14. Charles Mills Workshop: Liberalism, Race, and Ideology
    Join the UMass Boston Philosophy Department for the upcoming workshop: "Reflecting on the work of Charles Mills Liberalism, Race, and Ideology"
  15. Why Peace Is Possible: Exploring the Anatomy of Violence and War
    Iraq Veteran Paul K. Chappell explores how peace is possible in today's violent world.
  16. Congressman Mike Capuano Talks Ethics and Politics at UMass Boston
    U.S. Representative Michael Capuano joined author and Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley at UMass Boston on Thursday.
  17. Ethics, Elections, and the Future of Democracy
    Join Congressman Michael E. Capuano and Yale Professor Jason Stanley for a conversation about the current presidential election.
  18. The Speech Act of Protest
    A talk by Mathew Chrisman (Edinburgh) & Graham Hubbs (Idaho)
  19. Racial Integration and Moral Bias: A Day with Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson, the John Rawls Collegiate Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, will lead a workshop and give a lecture in the afternoon.
  20. UMass Boston Alumna: Emerging Leader, Lifelong Learner, Volunteer Extraordinaire
    Meet Nulise François and discover how she has put her UMass Boston degrees and graduate certificates to good work.
  21. Political Civility: Another Illusionistic Ideal
    Join us for the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs colloquium with Christopher Zurn, Department of Philosophy.