Tag: Population Health

  1. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Suzanne Leveille
    College of Nursing and Health Sciences Professor Suzane Leveille will present.
  2. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Providing Health Care in Rural Aldeas in Olancho
    College of Nursing and Health Sciences Assistant Professor Lisa Kennedy Sheldon will present with PhD Nursing student Hermine Poghosyan.
  3. Student Spotlight: Julie Lynch
    PhD Students attributes success to U56/U54 partnership between the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute.
  4. Population Research Seminar Series: Overview of Qualitative Research
    The Population Research Seminar Series wraps up the year with an overview of qualitative research.
  5. Population Research Seminar Series: Confidentiality: Ethical and Practical Aspects
    Ethical and practical aspects of participant confidentiality; database architecture; and other forms of access control will be discussed.
  6. Population Research Seminar Series: Cancer Registries and Medical Record Review
    Key topics to be covered: cancer registries - what they are, how they work, and how to access them; overview of medical record reviews and why they are useful.
  7. Student Spotlight: Dany Hilaire
    PhD student makes progress towards doctoral degree; research article published in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.
  8. Save the Date: PhD Student/Faculty Get Together
    Join fellow students and faculty for an evening of socializing to mark the beginning of the new semester.
  9. Distinguished Scholar Lecture: Augustus A. White III, MD
    Join us for our annual distinguished scholar lecture with Dr. Augustus A. White III, MD
  10. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue with Jerry Cromwell
    Join Dr. Jerry Cromwell for a dialogue entitled "Why Targeting Chronically Ill Patients for Disease Management is so Difficult: Modeling Regression to the Mean"