Tag: Post-disaster Reconstruction

  1. Post-Disaster Reconstruction Expert Delivers Major Papers at International Symposia in S. America
    McCormack Grad School's Adenrele Awotona presents his research in Chile and Colombia.
  2. Post-Earthquake New Zealand, From “New Normal” to Sustainable Future
    Emergency manager and business continuity planner Esther Newman shares stories of New Zealand's post-earthquake recovery and restoration at UMass Boston.
  3. McCormack Grad School Director Briefs Russian Delegation on Emergency Management
    At Boston FEMA event, Professor Awotona shares expertise on post-disaster reconstruction with Russian ministers.
  4. Awotona Speaks at the National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment
    CRSCAD Director Adenrele Awotona lectures on disaster planning for urban slums at recent DC conference.
  5. UMass Boston Hosts International Conference on Rebuilding China, Japan after Disasters
    Learn best practices in reducing the socio-economic impact of disasters on vulnerable communities in China
  6. Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Sustainable Reconstruction International Conference
    May 2014 international workshop explores the role of architectural, planning, and engineering education