Tag: Poverty

  1. Joining Together: Ending Poverty Now
    An event to raise awareness, provide opportunity, & inspire action in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act
  2. McCormack Conference on Poverty Policies: The Role of Shaming
    The Center for Social Policy explores the poverty and shame nexus in policy context.
  3. Center for Social Policy Hosts “Working Together for a World without Discrimination”
    McCormack's policy center explores discrimination faced by those in poverty and pathways out of such exclusion.
  4. Center for Social Policy Report Suggests Modernizing Anti-poverty Programs
    Center for Social Policy Senior Research Fellow Randy Albelda's research shows low-income workers are falling through the cracks.
  5. Professor Randy Albelda Receives Ford Foundation Grant
    Professor Albelda receives grant to research linking youth development with parents’ low-wage work