Tag: Poverty

  1. CSP Releases “Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program Evaluation”
    An innovative federal program to lift families out of poverty is being implemented more effectively in Greater Boston compared to nationally, according to fresh research.
  2. Family-Self Sufficiency Program Evaluation Report Release: Forum and Q&A
    What happens when you combine housing stability, financial education and incentives, and educational and employment opportunities?
  3. Center for Social Policy Holds Event on Building Opportunities for Communities of Color
    CSP convened an interdisciplinary panel of experts to gain stronger understanding of the need for integration between the workforce, housing, and community development arenas.
  4. Center for Social Policy Receives $500K Grant
    CSP receives $500,000 grant for “On Solid Ground: Building Opportunity and Preventing Family Homelessness in Massachusetts.”
  5. Joining Together: Ending Poverty Now
    An event to raise awareness, provide opportunity, & inspire action in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act
  6. McCormack Conference on Poverty Policies: The Role of Shaming
    The Center for Social Policy explores the poverty and shame nexus in policy context.
  7. Center for Social Policy Hosts “Working Together for a World without Discrimination”
    McCormack's policy center explores discrimination faced by those in poverty and pathways out of such exclusion.
  8. Center for Social Policy Report Suggests Modernizing Anti-poverty Programs
    Center for Social Policy Senior Research Fellow Randy Albelda's research shows low-income workers are falling through the cracks.
  9. Professor Randy Albelda Receives Ford Foundation Grant
    Professor Albelda receives grant to research linking youth development with parents’ low-wage work