Tag: Poverty Policy

  1. More American Breadwinners are Low-wage Workers
    Randy Albelda and Michael Can pen new study on low-wage and low-income workers.
  2. The Odds Are Stacked Against You: Center for Social Policy Advisors on Shame and Discrimination
    Center for Social Policy constituent advisers produce video for United Nations and dialogue with Oxford scholar on the biases of being poor.
  3. Working Together for a World Without Discrimination
    A Merging Knowledge event sponsored by the Center for Social Policy and Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement
  4. UMass Boston Poverty Experts Speak at UN Conference
    Center for Social Policy director and constituent activists weigh in on UN Millennium Development Goals.
  5. CSP Labor Researcher Joins Global Policy Dialogue on Informal Work
    Francoise Carré notes that informal work is often hidden from economic calculations and policy discourse.
  6. MGS Poverty Policy Experts to Speak at Carter Center on Post-Katrina Disaster Relief Issues
    Friedman and Tripp will deliver keynote address on constituent involvement at "Not Meant to Live Like This" conference
  7. Center for Social Policy Celebrates Anniversary Honoring Leaders for Economic and Social Justice
    UMass Boston social policy think tank celebrates twenty years of poverty policy research and evaluation
  8. Commissioned Research Informs Eos Foundation’s Forthcoming Anti-hunger Initiative
    MGS Center for Social Policy researches participation in breakfast and school lunch in Massachusetts.
  9. Center for Social Policy Honors Julia Tripp: From Homeless to Poverty Policy Advisor
    Constituent Advisory Group Coordinator helps give voice to those living in poverty and recognizes its transformative power.