Tag: Public Management

  1. Collins Center Delivers Municipal Supervisory and Leadership Development Program
    Collins staff provided the Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association with a six-session on effective supervision.
  2. Reps from 70 Municipalities Meet at UMass Boston for Conference of Government Performance
    Collins Center hosts 200 city and town managers to learn how to manage government performance using data
  3. UMass Boston Collins Center Pens Primer on State Development Contracts
    Public management center publishes Understanding & Crafting Development Agreements in Massachusetts.
  4. Knowing “That” and Knowing “How”: Communities of Practice in Public Management
    McCormack Grad School public affairs seminar with Amy Smith, Michael Ward, and Amy Dain.
  5. Thanks to Collins Center, Massachusetts Government Leads the Nation in Performance Management
    Governor Patrick relies on Collins Center for Public Management expertise for more efficient and effective government decision-making.