Tag: Research Dialogue

  1. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Open Session
    Join us for an open session of the PhD Student Scholarly Dialogues.
  2. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Massachusetts Behavioral Health and Public Schools
    Assistant Professor Esther Seibold will present on the statewide assessment process and findings of behavior health in public schools.
  3. CNHS Faculty Candidate Visit: Examining Close Friendships of Adolescents’ with Chronic Pain
    Join Dr. Paula Forgeron, a candidate for the faculty position in Nursing, as she presents her research on adolescents with chronic pain.
  4. PhD Student Scholarly Dialogue: Kenya Heart and Sole
    Join Dr. Eileen Stuart-Shor and students from her Kenya Heart and Sole team for a lively discussion on the college's global health community outreach and research.