Tag: Service Learning

  1. Alumni Association Supports Beacons Student Success Fellowship; Paid Internships Continue
    The UMass Boston Alumni Association has made a three-year commitment of $170,000 to support the Beacons Student Success Fellowship.
  2. Study Abroad Open House for Paris: a Living Textbook
    Come join us at the open house and learn more about your opportunity to study in Paris, France!
  3. Career Building: Putting Theory into Practice in Human Services
    A valuable summer internship experience leads to a job offer and a clear career trajectory
  4. Reach of Service-Learning Programs Expands at UMass Boston
    When you’re one of Professor of Human Services Joan Arches’s students, only part of your time is spent in a UMass Boston classroom.
  5. Trip to Ecuador Provides Teaching Opportunity for UMass Boston Students
    A dozen UMass Boston students spent the beginning of their summer break volunteering at an orphanage in Quito, Ecuador.