Tag: Service Learning

  1. Beacon Student Success Fellowship Symposium
    Come and learn about the exciting experiences students participating in this summer with the help of the Beacon Student Success Fellowship.
  2. Alumni Association Supports Beacons Student Success Fellowship; Paid Internships Continue
    The UMass Boston Alumni Association has made a three-year commitment of $170,000 to support the Beacons Student Success Fellowship.
  3. Study Abroad Open House for Paris: a Living Textbook
    Come join us at the open house and learn more about your opportunity to study in Paris, France!
  4. Career Building: Putting Theory into Practice in Human Services
    A valuable summer internship experience leads to a job offer and a clear career trajectory
  5. Reach of Service-Learning Programs Expands at UMass Boston
    When you’re one of Professor of Human Services Joan Arches’s students, only part of your time is spent in a UMass Boston classroom.
  6. Trip to Ecuador Provides Teaching Opportunity for UMass Boston Students
    A dozen UMass Boston students spent the beginning of their summer break volunteering at an orphanage in Quito, Ecuador.