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  1. Community Forum: What Does Just and Sustainable Post-Disaster Recovery Look Like?
    How can communities facing recovery from natural disasters leverage local and indigenous knowledge? How can our university facilitate socially just and sustainable recovery?
  2. Registration Now Open for UMass Boston’s New Online Aquaculture Course
    Aquaculture, also known as fish or shellfish farming, is a fast-growing industry, with a need fish farm technicians, scientists, engineers, managers, and government regulators. UMass Boston is offering an online aquaculture course starting in January.
  3. May Boeve Seminar
    What does it take to lead real change? How do you find common ground around complex wicked problems like climate change? Meet May Boeve and hear firsthand the answers to these questions and more!
  4. Federal Highways Administration Award to Douglas and Kirshen
    Recognizing excellence: The Federal Highways Administration awards the School for the Environment the 2017 Environmental Excellence Award.
  5. Nick Mullins, Coal, Climate, and Environmental Backlash
    Ever wonder what the real future of the coal mining industry is? What about the "war" on coal and issues of social justice? Environmental activism and labor rights? Politics and climate change?
  6. UMass Boston Urban Planning Professor Receives National Civic Engagement Award
    Professor of Urban Planning Ken Reardon is the winner of the 2017 Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award.
  7. Fall 2017 Planning Lecture
    Planning urban spaces to be inclusive of all of us is a tricky business. When considering human diversity and sense of place, do we address issues of gender? Do we consider our LGBTQ communities?
  8. School for the Environment Seminar September 20, 2017
    Should you be worried about plastics in your seafood? Has it ever been this hot before? Can the oceans keep up with us humans? Come find out the answers to these and other questions this Wednesday!
  9. SFE Fall17 Seminar Series: September 13 Edition
    Professor John Duff will discuss emerging issues in environmental law. Professor Alan Wiig will share his insights on globalization and free enterprise zones and geography of urban revitalization.
  10. Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and What We Can Do
    Professor of Hydrology Ellen Douglas will discuss observations of our changing climate, what changes may be in Boston’s future, and some plans for how to adapt to these changes.
  11. UMass Boston Scientists Honored by EPA New England for Contributions to Environmental Stewardship
    Urban-Rich and Shiaris received the 2017 Environmental Merit Award for their work with the Outfall Monitoring Science Advisory Panel (OMSAP).
  12. UMass Boston Scientist Receives Harvard University Bullard Fellowship to Study Threatened Hemlocks
    Crystal Schaaf is a noted expert on remote sensing.
  13. School for the Environment Professor Elected ASLO Fellow
    UMass Boston Professor Bob Chen has been elected as a fellow in the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO).
  14. The Science is Clear, the Future Is Not.: “Before the Flood” Screening December 1
    If you could know the truth about the threat of climate change — would you want to know? Join the Green Dean's Team as we screen "Before the Flood."
  15. Kids-to-Kids Event: Meet the Global Climate Ambassadors
    Calling all kids! Come meet four extraordinary young people ages 5 to 11 who, with their parents, are traveling the world on a sailboat recording the effects of climate change on our oceans and our co
  16. UMass Boston PhD Student Earns Fellowship to Study Gulf Coast Resilience
    Debra Butler will examine how communities handle "shocks."
  17. An Evening with Author David Quammen - A Journey Through America’s Wild Heart
    Magnificent. Beloved. Controversial. Wild. Come learn more about Yellowstone as the School for the Environment celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service!
  18. UMass Boston Students Visit Brazil, Research Coastal Environment
    UMass Boston environmental science students have traveled over 4,000 miles to better understand global climate history.
  19. UMass Boston Scientists Predict Heat, Sea Level Rise Increase for City of Boston
    More severe storms, higher coastal waters, and extreme heat waves are coming to Boston in the near future.
  20. Planning in the Face of Conflict: How Planners Improvise
    The Urban Planning and Community Development Spring Planning Lecture
  21. 4th Annual Environmental Research Colloquium
    Come hear about environmental research from graduate and undergraduate students and meet with potential employers from Massachusetts!
  22. UMass Boston Professor Corrects Decades-Old Theory on Underwater Visibility
    According to ZhongPing Lee, the way that Secchi disk depth is interpreted is simple, easy, and also wrong.
  23. UMass Boston’s School for the Environment Partners with PRI’s Living on Earth
    As partners, SFE and LoE will produce a weekly show and start a new Education Corps
  24. Food and Climate Resilience
    Hear John Mandyck, author of Food Foolish talk about the link between food and climate resilience.
  25. Director of New Urban Planning and Community Development Program Brings Expertise from NOLA, Memphis
    Ken Reardon is the director of a new graduate program in the School for the Environment.
  26. Large Pelagics Research Center Joins UMass Boston
    Pioneering fisheries ecologist Molly Lutcavage joins School for the Environment
  27. School for the Environment Professor Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Scientific Journal
    Professor Crystal Schaaf of the School for the Environment has been appointed editor in chief of Remote Sensing of Environment.
  28. New Class Dives Deep for Scientific Research
    Summer course offers students the opportunity to learn to scuba dive for research
  29. Scientists Move to Integrated Sciences Complex, Research Begins
    New facilities in the Integrated Sciences Complex come to life as professors move into their labs
  30. UMass Boston Scientist Uses Coral to Reveal Connection Between Climate Trends and El Niño
    Coral in Pacific Ocean Reveal Increased Potential for El Niño
  31. I Can See For Miles: The Past, Present, and Future of the Nantucket Field Station
    Connect with Nantucket Field Station researchers!
  32. Queasy Over Oysters? UMass Boston Scientists Investigate Why Some Are Prone to Bad Bacteria
    UMass Boston professors and grad students look for new ways to track bacteria outbreaks in oysters.
  33. UMass Boston Collaborates with International Space Station Research Project
    School for the Environment Professor Crystal Schaaf is a collaborator on the GEDI Lidar project.
  34. Ocean Science: The Final, Final Frontier
    In a new report, Professor Bob Chen and his colleagues present some unorthodox suggestions for how scientists and educators could increase the public’s understanding of the ocean’s impact on everyday life.
  35. UMass Boston and New England Aquarium Partnership Strengthens Research Efforts
    UMass Boston and the New England Aquarium launched a first-of-its-kind partnership recently to encourage even stronger research collaborations between the two institutions.
  36. UMass Boston Professor Appointed to U.N. Scientific Advisory Board
    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Maria Ivanova to the new United Nations Scientific Advisory Board.
  37. School for the Environment Faculty Receive $120K from President Caret
    The Lab for Urban & Coastal Environmental Science (LUCES) will research mussels, coastal areas, and carbon in the ocean.
  38. UMass Boston Grad Students, “Candi” Monitor Ecosystems in California, Australia
    A UMass Boston team used custom-built devices to measure the effects of radiation, erosion, and carbon in California as part of a research project for the National Science Foundation.
  39. UMass Boston Professor, Students in Antarctica Studying Food Source for Whales, Seals, Penguins
    A group from UMass Boston has teamed up with students and faculty from the University of Rhode Island to study the diet of krill off the coast of Antarctica.
  40. “Made” for Success: UMass Boston PhD Student Wins Business Launch Competition with Smartphone App
    A smartphone app designed by a UMass Boston PhD student and an alumnus won the third annual Business Launch Competition on Tuesday, earning its creators $1,500 and space at the university’s Venture Development Center.