Tag: Spring 2013 Film Series

  1. UMass Boston Film Series: Before You Know It
    One of the films of the 11th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston, PJ Raval's Before You Know It, will be screened at UMass Boston.
  2. UMass Boston Film Series: China Heavyweight
    A Chinese Master boxing coach recruits poor rural teenagers. The boxers must choose to fight for their nation or themselves. A Q&A with the director follows this free screening.
  3. UMass Boston Film Series: Where Heaven Meets Hell
    Boston Premiere: Where Heaven Meets Hell follows 4 of the nearly 500 sulfur miners working at an active volcano in Indonesia. A Q&A with director Sasha Friedlander follows the free screening.
  4. UMass Boston Film Series: Lemon
    Boston Premiere: Lemon follows three-time felon turned poet and Tony Award winner Lemon Andersen as he takes his street smarts to the stage with astounding success. A Q&A follows this free screening.
  5. UMass Boston Film Series: Stevie
    Director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) will take part in a Q&A following a free screening of his film about a troubled young boy he had been an ‘Advocate Big Brother’ to ten years earlier.
  6. UMass Boston Film Series: The World Before Her
    Boston Premiere: The World Before Her delivers a portrait of India juxtaposing the Miss India pageant with a militant Hindu fundamentalist camp for young girls. A Q&A with the director follows.