Tag: Student Affairs

  1. Presentation by Christo Brand, Nelson Mandela’s Former Prison Guard and Friend
    Nelson Mandela’s former prison guard, Christo Brand, shares stories never written about before, from his book Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend.
  2. Jeff Biggers, author of “State out of the Union”
    Come Discuss the In-Depth Study of the so-called "Immigration Crisis" in Arizona with acclaimed journalist and commentator, Jeff Biggers
  3. U-ACCESS Program Helps Students With Life Outside the Classroom
    In February, the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services, also known as the U-ACCESS program, was created.
  4. UMass Boston Recognized For Support of Students, Employees Serving in Military
    UMass Boston has been honored by the U.S. Defense Department for helping military members balance education with service
  5. America Ferrera to Speak at UMass Boston January 31
    Award winning actress and political activist, America Ferrera, will visit UMass Boston January 31 for the kickoff of the Women's Leadership Initiative.