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  1. U-ACCESS Hosts Conference on Challenges Facing Homeless Students Transitioning to College
    The theme of this year's conference was "Emerging Practices and Approaches Supporting Homeless Post-Secondary Students."
  2. Sociology Students Help Fellow UMass Boston Students, Stock Food Pantry
    UMass Boston’s food pantry is a bit fuller these days, thanks in part to Lecturer in Sociology Jacqueline Lageson’s students, who collected 2,490 food items over the past six weeks.
  3. U-ACCESS Students Excel Through Urban Higher Education
    Save the date for the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services' second annual conference, designed to increase knowledge about homelessness, emancipation from foster care, and food insecurity.
  4. U-ACCESS Hosts First Conference on Challenges Facing Homeless Students
    More than 150 attended "Students Excel Through Higher Education: Addressing the Challenges for Homeless Students Who Are in Transition on Postsecondary Campuses.”
  5. Donated Keys Converted into $1,700 Check for UMass Boston Food Pantry
    Unused keys collected at UMass Boston last year are supporting students in need, just in time for the holiday season.
  6. Food Day Film Screening of “A Place at the Table”
    Learn why nearly 50 millions Americans are hungry and why you can do to solve this problem.
  7. U-ACCESS Program Seeks Donations for New Food Pantry
    The Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services—otherwise known as U-ACCESS—is seeking volunteers to organize donation drives for its new food pantry.
  8. Fight Hunger: Athletics Teams Want Your Old Keys
    Keys collected around the UMass Boston campus this year will be melted down and sold as scrap metal, with all proceeds going to the U-ACCESS food pantry.
  9. U-ACCESS Program Helps Students With Life Outside the Classroom
    In February, the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services, also known as the U-ACCESS program, was created.