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  1. Parking Closures During Spring Break; MBTA Bus Changes
    The upper level of the Campus Center garage will be closed starting Monday, March 13, through Friday, March 17, as utility crews install insulation as part of the UCRR project.
  2. Sign at Campus Entrance Tested
    Crews installed a temporary, mock-up of a proposed new gateway sign at the Morrissey Boulevard entrance of the university to test position, size, and readability of the font.
  3. Southern Section of Quinn Ramp to be Removed
    The Quinn roadway ramp located off the closed University Drive south between the Integrated Sciences Complex and the Healey Library will be demolished next week to make way for future utility connections to the utility plant near the library.
  4. Lichtenstein Sculpture Moved Off Campus
    Roy Lichtenstein’s Brushstroke Group, the sculpture which has greeted visitors to UMass Boston’s Campus Center since 2007, was moved from campus on Wednesday to be refurbished.
  5. Two-way Traffic Preparation Underway
    Starting Tuesday, November 4, the Quinn Roadway, the road that goes between the Integrated Sciences Complex and the Joseph P. Healey Library, will only be open to authorized/emergency vehicles.
  6. Utility Work Impacts Campus Roadways
    Pedestrians and drivers may experience temporary route changes and delays related to two different utility work activities on the north side of the campus, starting April 11.
  7. University Drive East Lane Switches
    Starting Thursday, January 23, vehicles will be directed to use the left lane of University Drive East for a 370-foot stretch along the General Academic Building No. 1 building site.
  8. Changes Expected Next Week on University Drive South, in Lot C, and Near South Lot
    Starting Sept. 23, Lot C will lose up to 60 spaces as part of the Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation (UCRR) project. The South Lot will also lose a small section of spaces.
  9. Pile Driving Ends as Roadwork, Utility Projects Begin
    Flurry of activity greets students returning to UMass Boston for fall semester
  10. How Will Campus Construction Affect Your Commute?
    UMass Boston is committed to creating a convenient and simple commute for the 16,000 students who will return to school Tuesday.
  11. MBTA Bus Stop Relocated, Short-term Lot to Close
    The MBTA bus stop will be relocated to the Campus Center circle on August 26. The Short-term Parking Lot will be closed on September 3.
  12. Drilling Work Begins Tomorrow
    In preparation for upcoming work on the campus roadway, 15 soil borings and 8 test pits will be performed in various campus locations beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, continuing through the rest of the month.