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  1. Wellness Workshop: Sleep & Self-Care
    We could all do a better job taking care of ourselves. Come to this free one-hour workshop to learn ways to balance your busy life with self-care!
  2. Wellness Workshop: Addressing Procrastination
    Get on the right track with this free one hour workshop about understanding and avoiding procrastination.
  3. Motivation for Behavior Change Workshop
    This workshop will help you understand what some obstacles to change are, how to build motivation, and what skills you can use to take the first steps towards change.
  4. Wellness Workshop: Performance Anxiety
    Increase your confidence and reduce your anxiety.
  5. Wellness Workshop: Interpersonal Effectiveness
    Learn to assert yourself in difficult situations and improve your confidence.
  6. Procrastination Workshop
    Do you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to important deadlines and assignments, what about things at home like dishes and laundry?
  7. Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Workshop
    Want to learn strategies to manage stress and enhance your focus on what matters to you?