Tag: Wellness Wednesdays

  1. Wellness Wednesdays: Maum Meditation
    The director of the Boston Maum Medication Center will discuss how Maum Meditation can help to eliminate pain, stress, burden, loneliness, fear, and resentments.
  2. Addiction, Mindfulness and Personal Authority
    Join Dr. Lawrence Peltz, author of The Mindful Path to Addiction Recovery: A Practical Guide to Regaining Control Over Your Life, for a discussion about applying mindfulness to addiction recovery.
  3. Wellness Wednesdays: Naturopathic Tools for Stress Management
  4. Wellness Wednesdays Series: Acupuncture for Health
    This event has been cancelled
  5. Master Your Mind, Power Up Your Performance: An Intro to Meditation and Mindfulness
    Wellness Wednesdays: Meditation and mindfulness techniques can help us enhance performance and manage daily stress more effectively.