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  1. 2017 Graduating Senior Kosar Mohamed Gives Back to Her Local and Global Community
    Mohamed hopes to help end the practice of child marriage.
  2. On Sanctuary and Fugitivity: Considerations for Immigration Politics
    Spring 2017 Human Rights Keynote Lecure with Karma Chavez
  3. 13th by Ava DuVernay
    Part of Women Take The Reel 2017
  4. The National Women’s Studies Association Post-election Statement
    Combating the Climate of Fear, Division and Xenophobia in the Wake of the U.S. Presidential Election
  5. This Is Jeopardy!
    WGS Open House 2016
  6. Humanizing the Sacred: Islam, Gender and Feminist Solidarity
    Human Rights Keynote Fall 2016
  7. Professor Amy Den Ouden to Present at the Aquinnah Cultural Center
    Indigenous Women, Colonial Violence, and Histories of Resistance in Southern New England
  8. Congratulations to the New Vice President of NWSA
    WGS Chair Elora Chowdhury will serve from 2016-2018
  9. Elora Chowdhury in Lahore, Pakistan to Present at Second of Three Connected Conferences
    Transregional Filmscapes in South Asia: Practices, Politics, History
  10. WGS Faculty Contributes to Welfare Reform Syllabus
    Professor Lorna Rivera works with national campaign to promote awareness
  11. Black Lives Through the Arts
    Barbara Lewis, the director of the William Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black Culture, will moderate a discussion with filmmaker Tiona McClodden, filmmaker Shikeith, and others.
  12. Human Rights Keynote Spring 2016
    "On Remnants"
  13. Women’s and Gender Studies 2015 Newsletter
    We have been busy this year. Have a look!
  14. Human Rights Minor Introduced in UMass Boston College of Liberal Arts
    The Mass Media has the scoop!
  15. Rape and the Body Gap: Narratives of Dissent in Bawandar and India’s Daughter
    Women's and Gender Studies, in collaboration with Asian Studies present
  16. Avatars of Bionationalism: Science, Religion, and the Quest for a Modern India
    Join WGS, Asian Studies, and Dr. Banu Subramaniam for...
  17. 100% Woman
    For the first 20 years of her life, mountain bike champ Michelle Dumaresq was Michael. 100% Woman is an adrenaline-fueled ride-along on her controversial foray into international women's competition.
  18. Occupations, Border-Crossings, and Gender
    The Human Rights Minor Presents