Tag: Workforce

  1. Online Training Session: Dispelling Myths About Millennials
    Join us for an Online Training Session that will provide practical advice to help the generations understand each other better.
  2. University College Puts the ‘Work’ in Workforce Development
    After losing his job to foreign trade, Ray Leczynski got a second chance at UMass Boston.
  3. Study by CSP Research Director Françoise Carré Shows Staffing Model Helps Low-Income Workers Succeed
    The Center for Social Policy's unique take on the temporary staffing model is providing some low-income workers with an effective entry point into the labor market, while meeting the needs of employers.
  4. UMass Boston Hosts White House Business Council Roundtable
    U.S. Department of Labor Assistant Secretary Jane Oates and Joanne Goldstein, state secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, visited the VDC July 28.