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National Pension Lawyers Network

The National Pension Lawyers Network Connects Workers and Retirees with Pension Professionals

The National Pension Lawyers Network (NPLN) is a no-cost referral service that connects workers and retirees with attorneys who can help them understand and enforce their pension rights.

The Lawyer Referral Panel is made up of lawyers from around the country who are available to represent workers, retirees, and their families in pension matters on a regular-fee, reduced-fee, and/or pro bono basis. There are approximately 570 attorneys from all 50 states and the District of Columbia on our panel. Referrals include specialists in claims for benefits in private, nonprofit, and public pension plans addressing the full range of retirement benefits.

Some of the lawyers have family law expertise to handle claims involving the division of pensions at divorce.

There is no charge for referrals.

Please note that the National Pension Lawyers Network does not advise on legal matters and that the service is limited to providing referrals to attorneys.

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Referrals are currently being provided by the Pension Rights Center. Use their online form to ask for an attorney referral or call them, at 888.420.6550.

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Attorneys: Interested in joining NPLN?

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