Information for Attorneys

Interested in joining the National Pension Lawyers Network?

The National Pension Lawyer Network (NPLN) is operated by Pension Rights Center. The NPLN serves as a clearinghouse to refer retirement plan participants and their beneficiaries to local practitioners when problems occur in securing plan benefits. No registration fee is required of attorneys to be listed on the NPLN Referral Panel, and no fee is charged to clients searching for attorneys. Lawyers participating in the Network are not obligated to accept all referrals.

You may also join NPLN's Technical Assistance Panel. If a lawyer needs to consult another lawyer regarding a complicated pension issue, the National Pension Lawyers Network staff can provide a referral to a member of our Technical Assistance Panel who has indicated expertise in a particular area of pension law.

Join the National Pension Lawyers Network Referral Panel and/or Technical Assistance Panel.

Note: NPLN was previously managed by the Pension Action Center, with support from the Pension Rights Center. Starting 9/1/2014, NPLN's operations were transferred to the Pension Rights Center, in Washington, DC.