Emergency Management and Business Continuity

Full Scale Exercise

When: August 26th 2018

Briefings and lunch from: noon-1:00pm
Exercise play: 1:00-5:00pm

Where: UMass Boston — Wheatley Building

This exercise is a full-scale emergency simulation, where shooter(s) enter the building and force staff and others to either evacuate or take cover. The UMass Boston Alert System is activated during the simulation, and UMB Police respond to the scene.

The exercise seeks to assess the Department of Public Safety's response time per law enforcement training, and to assess our campus's ability to issue a timely alert to the community. In order to create an effective learning and evaluation environment, volunteers are needed to fulfill the following participant roles:

Actors: Simulate specific roles during exercise play, typically victims or other bystanders. They are asked to report on their experiences and provide feedback on this exercise.

Controllers (UMB Staff Only): Plan and manage exercise play, set up and operate the exercise site, and act on behalf of organizations that are not playing in the exercise. Controllers direct the pace of the exercise, monitor the exercise timeline, and help to supervise the safety of all participants.

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